Walkthroughs on BL2

There are a ton of great youtube video’s that walkthrough BL2. Most however accumulate a stack of legendaries and shortcuts to progress the gameplay. I saw series of level by level videos by Majorslack, who basically went from NVM to TVHM, doing the main and side missions and using only what he found (no farming and solo). These were brilliant but he never went on to UVHM. Has anyone seen a similar video series, undertaking UVHM starting with weapons they found along the way? I know so many of the players are really good at BL2, but a real challenge would be to start UVHM, with just normal weapons, allow no farming, must be solo and requires pure skill and strategy without the reliance on super weapons. Is it possible?

@MOLMF made a run with only white stuff in OP8 I think. Not very familiarized with BL YT’ers.

Define ‘normal weapons’.

That’s what I did on my first UVHM playthrough. It wasn’t really that hard to be completely honest. It’s perfectly doable. I did it solo and I only used weapons that I found during the playthrough, no farming at all until I was level 72. However, I did use golden keys to get better purple gear two or three times and I also found a KerBlaster at the beginning and a Skullmasher towards the end of the playthrough, so those helped a bit too. UVHM is considerably harder, but it really isn’t that hard. You really don’t need legendaries, pearlescents or seraphs to beat it. Like many have said before, UVHM is a skill check, not a gear check. Slag, strategy and a good build goes a long way.

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Weapons found along the way, not from farming, duping or black. I have seen some fantastic videos but the guys have 36 legerndaries in the backpack. I think if you go through NVM and VHM modes you probably end up with 1-4 legendaries found along the way or from boss fights. Just wanted t see a video of someone doing this with stuff that anyone can find during normal solo play. No issues about farming etc just wanted to see something different in a video.

Yes, love to see it done like the Majorslack videos. I have also a couple of finished UVHM toons , for an average player like me, it took a long time! LOL

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There is a melee zer0 found gear uvhm

Have done it twice with Axton and Maya with nothing but Jakobs weaponry all the way to 72. Were there some rough spots? Oh most definitely but it felt so good silencing the anti-Jakobs hatred that was common at the time.

People have done runs through UVHM and the overpower levels with nothing but white gear and come out on top. Granted those people have a greater level of patience and understanding of the game than Yoda has with the force.

It depends on the character too as well as their skills can make the transition to UVHM fairly smooth. Maya is arguably the least bumpy transition as her abilities include slag, healing, shield regeneration, and her Phaselock’s crowd control capabilities make UVHM a cakewalk. On the other end of the spectrum is Zer0 who really relies on skill and timing in UVHM. Oh he can wipe the floor with UVHM but boy does running into that UVHM brick wall at full speed hurt when you are not prepared for it.