Wall Of Invincibility In Capture Should Be One Way

Can we please make the invincible walls that you walk through when you respawn a one way door, because there have been a lot of people going back through the door. It is kind of annoying when you are pursuing a kill. You can already teleport back to base so it isn’t too bad, but it can be really annoying chasing someone (especially Benedict in Outback) only to have them go back behind the wall of invincibility.

People in Temple can literally walk right back through the wall and be totally fine, and in Outback, Benedict (as far as I’m aware) is the only one who can get back up through the wall, but it is still sort of annoying.

When I was playing Alani, I had a lot of Ambra players in Temple go back through the way of invincibility and just taunt.

This is standard in all PVP. This would need to be changed for all maps. Additionally, it is a deterrent for kill chasers. Promotion for objectives is rarely a bad thing, as chasing someone that far likely means leveling off of Varelsi or gaining shards would be more worthwhile.



It sounds like you’re chasing too far and going for kills>objectives. Not to mention spawn campers is already a thing - one I’ve experienced personally. Those walls are meant to do the exact thing you’re unhappy about, so I don’t see them being changed any time soon!

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Capture is just TDM pretending to be objective based though, and since the objective is to capture and hold points technically the only thing left to do after capturing them is push other players away from them.

It’s fine the way it is. it punishes players trying to get kills and pursuing opponent across the map rather than playing objectives and helping their team.
In other words, it punishes player playing badly.

Sounds perfectly fine to me, just like the invincible turrets on paradise, for example.

He specifically says that it should be gone in capture. Killing enemies to keep them from being able to capture points is basically the only objective of the game.

Capture is the only game mode I have seen premades spawn camp low level pugs. This is probably the worst suggestion I’ve seen on the forum.