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Hey does anyone know how to get the https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/u/ [your username] /preferences/profile to save? I just want to fill in the about me and a few other sections. Also been a while since I was here, but playing Borderlands 3 and having fun because of such things as needing to manually move saves from my laptop to my desktop.

Click on your avatar, then your username, then click on preferences :+1:

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There is an issue with fields not saving (and some of the drop downs not even working). I raised that with the Community Manager a couple of days ago. It was working, so either a platform update or a policy change turned the feature off.

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That is what I am doing, and nothing under the Preferences -> profile wants to save. I noticed all other areas under Preferences have a save button except profile.

Good to know I did not have to tear apart my Firefox prefs to figure out what I had flagged to make this not work.

Glad you got sorted was beginning to question myself, thanks @VaultHunter101 for the clarification :+1: