Wanna buy BL2VRPC but HMD only direction is a deal breaker for me

I really wanna buy the game and dont even care about the price …but HMD direction only is a def no go for me…hate not being able to run and look back at something while running and all of a sudden change direction back at the thing im running from. Ive also heard the difficulty has been nerfed because of the VR…so that sounds bad also.


Its a sickness inducer for sure ,love the look of this game but hard to write a nice thing with this hmd directional thing as it is ,i can do a walk home from the pub like this but thats all ,please give options


Make the correct move in the direction of the controller. In the direction of HMD was relevant in 2014 when Oculus DK2. Why you were so lazy that you could not even learn a little about the market VR games. Complete amateurism. Add this option and sales will increase significantly. Is it really that hard to do, or do you not care about the players?

Agreed. Being able to use controller directed movement is better for some (me!) and is pretty standard option in most VR games I play. Should be a no brainer.