Wanna farm!or just game!

Hit me up at BlueDreamFL I’m down to game

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Sure lets farm terramorphous me and my friend aren’t high enough level to. My psn is TeamZipTie add me and invite me to ur game

I’m down to have some fun. Add me. the_legend_2059

Yah cool. I’ll load my tvhm & we can ■■■■ him

Done lol

Let’s do it up! Lol

PS3!!! Oh yah eh

Don’t be shy to just jump in a play along. I don’t mind. Free xp & money right. Plus I got 3 characters maxed on money so I’ll hook up if u want

Need help with level 72 warrior!!! Anyone out there in op levels!!!

If u still need help I can tomorrow I have 4 op8 characters and 2 lvl 72.

We’ll see. I might have stuff to do tomorrow. But I also might be on late

I’m playing atm if it matters