Wanna squad up on TPS?

Anyone down to dominate Elpis as a team?

I’m 72-OP8 on all 6 characters in BL2 and started TPS about a month ago.

Jack - Level 52
Wilhelm - Level 37
Nisha/Fragtrap - Level 10

Seems like every other thread someone is looking for a handout, I’m just tryin to find people that actually play the game and wanna have a good time while the bodies hit the fl… well… float in the air.

Hit me up!

gt: inferno20

I’ve got a fresh 72 Gaige and a freshly level 50 wilhelm

Still looking for TPS mates, so feel free to hit me up. I’m about 75% through UVHM and at level 53 or 54. I’m gonna try to grind the Guardian Hunter mission and see where that takes me.