Wanna Trade a Leg. Enforcer Classmod for a Leg. Lawbringer Classmod (PS4)

Hello there, this is Kenraiku
I’m new here and I haven’t managed to find an official ps4 bltps trading topic, so I made this topic to make this request.
I have found a LV 41 ERIDIAN VANQUISHER class mod for the ENFORCER class. Unfortunately I’m playing as Nisha, so I’d be happy if someone could give me a LV 40-45 ERIDIAN VANQUISHER class mod for the LAWBRINGER class in exchange for the one I’ve found.

Thanks in advance for your replies. ^^

btw PSN ID is Kenraiku as well, if someone wants to add me… I don’t have many people onf my friends list that play the handsome collection :s