Want a Buddy for the Claptrap DLC on UVHM Start to finish

Want a buddy to play the Claptrap DLC with. Start to finish on UVHM. I may add another person if i feel its to easy. I want a challenge. The core game wasnt really a challenge and there was really no good end game, so im hoping this changes that. I will be playing as a Lvl 60 Baroness. I can play at anytime of the day. US Eastern Timezone. Add me on steam. GamingGod216. Then send a message to me saying thats what your here for. i am 20 years old, so i dont want anyone younger then 17 to play. Because there will be Mild to strong language so player discretion is advised. If you are down to whoop ass and take name and laugh and have a good time. Then lets get too it!

P.S. Any loot that is dropped can be duplicated, so there will be no fighting over it. be honest if you spot a legendary or a glitch weapon, please let me know and because i will want to look at it. I am a nice person so ill probably just end up giving the loot to you anyways. I can get it through gibbed editor or find it again. So its no biggy. :slight_smile: Hope to talk to some of you soon!

Duping is not allowed here. Be sure to read the rules. Thanks.