Want a friend to game with!

For PS3. I’m not on all the time it when I am in usually farming or doing whatever but playing with my send controller so my low levels can catch up (earning level 72 xp is way faster than anything else) I only have up to 72 so bare with me. I can trade lvl 72 guns,mods,relics,shields, grenades. I have a few lower levels in the bank, mostly scattered throughout all my characters banks due to not having enough space in the dam things…am I right lmao… but yah

Add me K-Dog64. I have an op8 axton and a level 55 sal and zero that I am currently leveling up. I can join you or you join me for farming and leveling. My play times are generally 6pm-11pm eastern standard time monday through friday but with it getting to be nicer weather here I play a little less.

BlueDreamFL is my psn id

I am down for just farming and playing around. All my characters are OP8 and it could help lvling up your characters faster. Hit me up PSN soccerfella101

Sounds like fun. Op8 Sal, Op 5 Zero, and Op 5 Krieg with the rest still below 72. I’m down for farming or whatever. All dlc, no Mic, psn: Hitek883