Want a vending machine in my room

Where can I get a vending machine to install in my room? I need a place to pull and sell gear from my always filled locker! Running back and forth is getting tiresome.


Have you tried the pepsi website? :wink:


I actually thought of the same thing. Would be nice to have them beside the lost loot machine since it usually has scrape.

Cardio man cardio :laughing:. It’s not THAT long of a walk.

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Vending and lost loot machine in my room

Please tell me you’re joking about the lost loot machine

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Why? I sell all that is in there with the low level characters

The lost loot machine is directly outside your room anyways, the vending machine I understand asking for but we’re talking about a 10 foot walk here

you are right adding a vending machine would be enough, sometimes I forgot it is Borderlands not Path of Exile and its customizable hideout