Want Anointed Maggie (closed)

I will trade anything I have for an Anointed Maggie with either FL4K bonus or basic bonus.

I’ve got all kinds of Anointed stuff or I’ll trade several for the one Anointed Maggie.


LF Elemental Projector with 40% mag size and Incendiary Lucians Call anointed with cryo mags.

I’m going through my bags now - i know I don’t have an Anointed Lucians at all… gimme a min.

Ok, i posted a few items that I’ve got. I’d like that first one but I’ll keep digging if you like… you got a few.

Fair enough. I’ll trade you the 100% one for your queens call 100%

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What’s your IGN?

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Add me - I’ll log in now

Thank you - Solid trade

Thank you sir.
Damn, you got your sh*t fast… xD