Want Craps Pistol, Shocking AA 100% ASE or Rakk Attack

Bekah with additional Crit and Craps pistol in all elements. Have Cutsman’s in almost all elements and Maggie’s. Let’s get this DONE!!!

Is this the Bekah your looking for?

would be willing to trade for Cutsman with 100% damage on ase or a Gamma burst Maggie if you got one.

I have a shock Craps but it’s anointed for Zane

All set on the Bekah’s ty

Sorry, I play only FL4k

I got a Shocking AAA with 100% damage on ASE

Is it bonus cryo w/ SNTNL? Been looking for one of those and I got a couple SNTNL anointed items myself.

I may have harvested one this past weekend but can’t recall. I’ll check my inventory tomorrow. Thanks