Want Gunzerker mod, DPUH. I have lots in exchange

Want the Legendary Gunzerker mod level 50 ish and a DPUH level 52/53. I have lots here is a list:

Finally got the dpuh. Still want the mod…


Extra Large Deliverance (corr)
Brisk Baby Maker
Proactive Bitch (corr)
Sledges Shotgun (shock)
Gentle Deliverance (shock)
Parataxis Norfleet (Fire)
Stopping Emperor (corr)
Acuminous Hellfire (fire)
Social Conference Call
Scalable Conference Call (corr)
Practible Cc
Skookum Skullsmasher
Skirmish Emperor
Fast Actons Badaboom
Social Bitch (shock)
Sticky Homing Fire Leech
Leg Siren class mod, Hunter class mod, Soldier, Mechromancer Mod,
Big Badaboom
Sticky Homing Bouncing Bonny
Lobbed Bonus Package
Discharge Infinity (shock) (corr)
Binary Thunderball Fists
The Sham
Dandy Volcano
Sever Shredifier (corr)
Close Quarters Hornet
Razrez Lyuda (shock)
Homing Electric Leech (shock)
Quality Bbay Maker (shock)
Liquid Pitchfork (shock)
Light Sandhawk
Amp Sandhawk (slag)
Sapping Sandhawk (shock)




Corporate Bitch

LVL 61

Magic Missile
Hefty Baby Maker (shock)
The Bee
Casual Swordsplotion!!

LVL 66



Leg Hoarder class mod


Legendary Sickle Class mod


Nasty Kerblaster
Practical Conference Call


Apt Hellfire (fire)


The Rough Rider


Rigorous Kerblaster


Puissant Norfleet (shock)
Grounded The Bee
Magic Missile
Legendary Siren Mod / Cat Class mod/ Binder mod
Interfacer (shock)
Gentle Deliverance (fire)
Dva Infinity (corr)
Vengeful Infinity (fire)
Chain Lightning
The Sham
Chaotic Evil Monk mod
Legendary Gunzerker Mod
Flame Of The Firehawk
Stopping Sandhawk (shock) (fire)
Flying Sandhawk (corr)
React Sandhawk

I have a shift code from borderlands diamond loot chest that gives you gunzerler leg mod at whatever level the first char you log unto is once you input code.

I’d do that for an chaotic evil op8

excuse my ignorance but where do you input the code? And yes sounds like a good deal

Ingame under extras, shift codes. I’ll even go first in letting u redeem code. Add me psn

What mod is it? As I’m definitely wanting the gunzerker one, not bezerker or hoarder.

Legendary bezerker

Gutted. I have bezerker mod What’s your psn I will let you have the mod anyway

Don’t really need just picking item . Thx tho

You still lookin for mods

Yes I’m after legendary Gunzerker mod

I got that the titan and the hoarder mod

Ok what level is the gunzerker one?

Its Op8

Sorry I actually have an op8 one

Can I get those 59 bitch. I dont have a gunzerker class mod but I can give u something else. my PSN is Chaos_Sorcerer_6

What can you exchange?