Want OPQ, Kaoson’s,Hex nades & Lobs ! See below for specific anointments and the epic FL4k mods I have to offer

Kaoson’ s in all elements, LOBS in Shock and Corrosive, OPQ all of them MUST be 100 ASE!!! Mirv-Tacular and Recurring HEX MUST have Regen on ASS and be either Rad, Shock or Fire. Read again… MUST have these. Here is some eye candy.

Do you have lvl 65 cryo stone elephant
AOE dmg, 62 mag, ASCR?

No sir. In fact I haven’t even begun collecting artifacts yet. I ALWAYS collect Mods first.

Driver, Dragon, Red Fang, seeing dead good mod for weapon or melee?
Psn kenet888
Send me FR and will send you anyway.

Just to double check, Elemental Kaoson with ASE 100% weapon damage, yes?


If you have it… send me friend request PSN: Adam jaz ( one with viking pic )

If I find some, I’ll let you know. I should already have you added.

Let’s get this done!!!