Want some help!

I’m a level 41 gladiator and would like some help finishing off TVHM, currently on the benlginning of the end, also if anyone wants to make a new character I’d go through the story as my level 1 with you.

Ill do a fresh start i need to play TPS GT Unseen Kamo

I just started a new baroness and would enjoy the help

Just add me and i would like to play

Ok hold on, I have someone else that wants to do it as well so I’ll see if we he wants to do it with a third person.

Alright both of th can add me and I’ll message you both when we’re gonna start it up, Gt:Cubix Hybrid

Also, in the meantime if either of you are a high enough level on your first characters, I’d like some help on the beginning of the end mission on tvhm

Im not a high enough lvl i have focused on bl2 and not much on tps

Hey perfectdisaster

Hey add Cubix Hybrid

I’ll have to add y’all later. I gotta get a new copy of the game. My little brother is begged me for it and I caved. The not perks of working at Gamestop -_-

Haha, alright well we’ll be ready whenever

I would download a new copy tonight, but it would be 10$ cheaper from work. I’ll save y’alls GT’s though and add you tomorrow ASAP

I got a new copy of the game. I’m up to play whenever if I’m not already playing on my PS4

i’d love to start a new game of TPS with a full group if anyone is available. IGN Moximus