Want the preorder figurines? Here's how to buy them separately


You can buy all 5 for $30 through 2K
P.s. sorry if this was posted elsewhere. I couldn’t find it if it was


I saw it posted before in another topic, but this one just has the more obvious headline - I´m sure many people will be happy to see the link! :heart:
Ordered the set yesterday after I found the link here - I´m soooooo happy they made a Orendi figurine too, I already thought I´ve to sculpt one myself^^

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While I know the figures are on the small side and of characters I’m not overly found of I’m getting them anyway! I have fallen so much in love with this game that I want to support it and collect any fun swag they can produce!

It’s nice buuuuut kinda pricey here, with shipping it ends up costing me 50€ and thats a bit much for 5 very small figures, it’s more than what i paid for the game itself and i still need to buy other games that are coming out soon.
I’ll probably end up buying them, just not right now.

I want a Battleborn Poster on my Wall.
I want a Battleborn Stratagy Guide Book.
I want to buy them not action Figures!

Might have to buy this at some point. Got the digital deluxe edition so was sad to not get a figure, glad they are offering another method to collecting them all.

I’d pay that much if it was for all 25.

I WANT A DEANDE FIGURINE! With a fixed crotch and arse, of course, she has some weird lines in some places and lacks some in other places…

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Who wants that crap? No isic no deal lol

Correction…talking plush isic

Anyone know when these are supposed to ship out?

Some already have to my understanding

Cool, didn’t know if they would be released on game release or what, no information about it on the site.

I’m only aware because I noticed someone mention they got theirs with a pic on Twitter

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I got mine today (4-30) and I ordered mine the 26th


Didnt see boldur, dont care u.u too much thorn.

I got Montana for my random one with the preorder. I am a sad man.

Damn I got Thorn… not was I was hoping for.

That’s how I felt when I unboxed Thorn…

You can send Thorn to me! =D

Only if you send me one! =p