Want them Loaders back!

Remember smashing all this Constructors and Bad Ass Loaders?
I hope they aint gone for good i do get hyperion is past but i did really enjoy em.
Also wondering how trashers could completely vanish.
And those Crystalisk where also amazing enemy types.
To delete all this nice nostalgic enemies is a bit stupid i mean they where epic i love them.
Instead of expanding with all that it just got deleted that just doesnt make scense to me.
Show love for the SUPERFANS Gearbox pls.


BL3 is running on a new engine. Those enemy types would have to be rebuilt, not just given a graphical upgrade.

I am aware of that fact.
We where promised more borderlands and there is just too much missing in my opinion to call it more i would say its expanded but with the lack of beloved content.

Haha I thought of this last night. I don’t know why but I missed those loaders.

Jeah me and my little brother where talking about that what motivated me to post this.
Also we where talking a lot about those midgets and loaders comming out of amo boxes and really are missing them scinse they where unexpected but very nice to come around.

I don’t think this is true. I’m pretty certain you can import 3d models between the engines then update them as needed.

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Yeah it would be great to have loaders back, it would also give amore space to corrosive guns.

And it would be cool to have some loaders be part of the CoV faction, since Tales shows that loaders became sentient.

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honestly i was pretty disapointed with the bl2 hyperion army, if anyone remembers the claptrap dlc from bl1 thats the real hyperion army not those budget transformers

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Totally miss Loaders.
They were the BEST.

Yeah, I hope they return in one of the DLC’s at least

I would wish for

The topic I made a little while ago which is titled Virtual reality DLC idea has this idea of bringing them back in it.