Want to change your Start menu orb to a vault symbol?

Here is a link to all of the images that were used - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5RZEJibG3AlRkdJWkRjUVhEbms&authuser=0

The first image is of the original icon, with transparent background:

The second image is of the vault symbol with a black background. Use this one for editing purposes, if necessary:

If you don’t plan on editing the image, then use the final image with the transparent background. It is the actual one you will want to use as your start menu icon:

There are three phases at which the button will change just like the classic windows 7 and Vista ones did:




The image size is formatted and optimized for Windows Classic Shell on Windows 8.1. Enjoy!! :smiley:


Have an updated version of the second set; I alpha’d the black and blurred some of the visual artefacts slightly.

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Cool! Thanks!