Want to create my own mod =) (newbie), need help!

Like title says, I am completely new to homeworld RM modding.
I have moded HM2 (before RM came out) for some time, but that’s only messing with the directories and changing numbers.
This is my first time trying to create a completely new model and hopefully have it work.

First step for me is to create a model /w texture

I have 3DMax and photoshop ready, but what program do I need for the hard points? and what other things am I missing in this procedure?

Hey, welcome!

(HM2 is HW2?)

Dom2 has tutorials about getting the ship in game:

I will answer your questions briefly here, a TLDR version:

3Ds Max and Photoshop is all you’ll ever need. Aside of the HODOR tool for converting your ships to HOD files. That one you’ll get when you’ll go to your Steam Library/Tools and select and install the “Homeworld Remastered Toolkit”.

The beauty of the new system is that you don’t need anything to make hardpoints, you make hardpoints directly in Max. As specifically named Dummy objects. After you set it all up, you just export everything into a DAE file and you run that DAE through HODOR, which will spit out the HOD right into the game directory of the ship in question.

You can read a bit about HODOR here:

How to set up the hardpoints, how to name them? What textures you need and how should they look like? Well you’ll see that in the GBX released Ship examples:
This is the first of the three ship examples and one map background example.


thank you so much for the reply.

I’m going off to building the first ship =)

yeah HM = HW, dunno when it started but I started to refer the game as home2 XD and now some people that never played the game think its a sim game clone…

Im actually so hyped to see RM roll out and actually meeting the expectations. before they announced the Remasted, I thought the game died >.<.

Best of luck to you man! Don’t forget to show some pictures when you’ll have something to show.

always =)

Welcome @endlessscore! Happy modding, when you get stuck post a question on these forums and there are plenty of us willing (and sometimes able) to help :smile:

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