Want to hear your thoughts about Capture

This was a post on Reddit made by a dev (gbx_fletch):

As /u/gkrants mentioned in one of the other threads, we are looking at our various PVP modes for improvements moving forward. He mentioned some of the things we are thinking about for Capture and Incursion, but today I wanted to have a bit of discussion about Capture. Namely, I want to hear about your experiences in the mode. What do you like? What don’t you like? Good gameplay experiences you’ve had. Bad experiences. For those of you playing Chaos Rumble, how have you felt about Chaos Rumble rules on Capture.

One of our goals with Battleborn PVP is to provide a variety of experiences to players, so we want to maintain differences between the modes that cater to different player bases and character builds. For Capture, one of our primary goals is to provide an experience for players that just want to go pick a fight and hone their player fighting and team fighting skills. We also want it to be a relatively quicker experience for players than don’t have 20-30 minutes to invest in a match.

So with that being said, what have been your thoughts playing Capture?

Here’s a link to the thread for those who want to see other’s responses.

I’ll just copy and paste my response in that thread:

Hmmm… I’ll have to add more later but I can just add a few things here now while I’m here on reddit. This mode lacks a comeback mechanic of any kind. Some might point out the Varelsi on the map but I find that in any Capture match where you’re already behind the winning team is going to have the Varelsi locked out. If you go for them you’re just going to get challenged for them and lose that encounter because you’re already outleveled. You might get lucky here and there and be able to sneak in and grab one or two but that’s usually not the case. Once the enemy team gets those levels up on you it’s pretty much over. They can do as they please. Which often means spawn camping so they can accumulate points without being challenged. The maps may need a slight redesign so spawn camping is impossible, or at the least made a lot harder to accomplish.

Another problem with the map is it is far too easy for a team to just roam as a five man and just pick off the enemy team one by one and start gaining levels. If one team decides to split up between 2 collectors and the other team decides to stick as a 5 man group the game is already over. That decision has now cost them the match. That 5 man just has to move to a capture point and focus fire on just one person there and the snowballing begins.

That’s all there is to the strategy in this mode as well. It’s just about being the biggest gang in any encounter and then relying on your Twitch skills. If you don’t have the Twitch skills to survive an encounter against superior numbers no amount of intellect is going to save you.

I like Capture but it does have it’s flaws and I think those flaws are the reason a lot of people ignore/avoid the game mode. I think there were a few other things but I just woke up and my brain needs a bit to get up to speed. I’ll have to post them later when I can think of them.


The varalsi unbalance the game mode and make it incredibly hard to come back.

Especially when its all about snowballing in the first place.

Also the game mode traps you into 1v5 because you can’t leave back into your base so they can hunt you forever.

There needs to be a reason for people to go back to base. Perhaps a minute after no changes to a pad it’s reset.

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You want to know an easy way to add a large layer of depth to capture? Remove one of the capture points. With three there isn’t much incentive to defend a point and as everyone has said how can 2-3 player defend a point against a roving death squad.
remove the third post and add a new incentive in its place (like a large boss mob that gives a global team lvl to whoever kills it) and actually turn it into a true defend and capture mode.


I don’t really enjoy capture, primarily because it heavily rewards early bloomers/offensive heroes. In theory territorial characters should be great, you barricade a point and hold it while the rest of your team takes care of the rest- except as was said earlier, the team moving around in a big blob will quickly overwhelm you and now your side is one man down, making them even less likely to win an encounter.

Does your hero rely on stationary, cooldown-limited abilities? Enjoy never being around them. Does your hero rely on higher level helix abilities to become effective? Well, I hope you can win some fights and get enough experience early (no thanks to you), otherwise you’ll just lag further and further behind the enemy team.

The whole “you level as you play” mechanic feels really out of place in this mode, to be honest. Without a steady stream of minions early wins quickly snowball. At the very least I feel everyone should start at a higher level, giving mid/late game heroes enough resources to be effective in a fight right from the get go, rather than hoping for your team to carry you until then.

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Mode needs minions.

No minions no point.

I’m not interested in straightforward pvp

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I wished Capture was a capture the flag game mode, not domination.

I only play capture when I’m looking for a brief change of pace to the game. I’ll play 1 or 2 games and then go back to Meltdown or Incursion.

I really like Capture. I love that it’s shorter (7-15 minutes) and more casual.

I just can’t get a group and, usually, one of the teams doesn’t understand how important Varelsi are.

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I definitely need to focus more on the Varelsi at the start when I decide to play Capture

Also the shorter time frame is usually the only reason I choose to play Capture, but one sided matches feel even more so on that game type

The only thing I would change about capture (and in all other PvP modes) is the scoring. Capture is a great mode, don’t change it, but too many people play it as a death match. Change the scoring, make objectives mean something.

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Thats because its a TDM at its core. Winning early fights gives you level advantage, and at that point its very easy to keep the snowball rolling.

Capture is quite definitely my least favorite PvP mode. Basically, I never CHOOSE to run it, and only do when I’m running with a group of friends who do want to run it.

It’s much too deathmatch-ey for my tastes. Battleborn running at each other and colliding in a barrage of player kills, lather, rinse, repeat. I prefer more objective-based play.

I don’t know how radical of an overhaul the devs are willing to consider, but making it more oriented on controlling and defending space would be my preference, rather than just kill, kill, kill, step on the pad.

I kinda think everyone should level every minute and have no gear cost. No worrying about chasing minions or shards, just focus on fighting, defending, and trying out new skills.

That would give the game a good ten minute or so mode, which it needs. A mode where you’re going to get to try out all the helix choices quickly.

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I find Capture pretty boring compared to the other modes and I don’t think I’m alone.

Honestly, it’s just been done in every competitive game for like 20 years now (MMOs, FPS, etc) and I think a lot of people come to Battleborn for something different…it doesn’t surprise me that a lot of players are like me and avoid it completely.

I’d say slowing it down and putting up more turrets and making assaulting points require more teamwork would make it more appealing to me as a Capture hater…but that’s not fair because the current capture lovers actually love it because of it’s frantic, chasing, chaotic nature. So overall I think it might be a wash…

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What about placing minions on or near the collectors? They defend the collectors from anyone the collector is not owned by. Just throwing out ideas.


I would actually say that you convinced me of the opposite.

“TDM at its core”. A TRUE Team Deathmatch has no scaling and no emphasis on who got kills when (other than the last kill). Getting early kills has little-to-no impact on getting late game kills (a counter example being something like a UAV or airship in Call of Duty).

But it’s not. The game at its core is “get the collectors”. I have won countless games without even trying to kill people. The way you win the game is by buildables. You build more accelerators and turrets, you will win. The original two maps were great at this because they were all spread out and it was not a huge fight in the middle cough snowblind cough.

But wouldn’t changing the scoring from kills+assists to objectives make people more focused on the winning the game?

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It is absolutely terrible to pug and honestly of no interest to me. Its always a steamroll.

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[quote=“Nicetoknowyou, post:12, topic:1545433, full:true”]
Thats because its a TDM at its core. [/quote]

No it isn’t, though I would probably like it more if it was.

I’ve found getting some early leveling doesn’t give a team a decisive advantage. I’ve lost count of the matches I’ve won despite a bad start and an ending negative kill/death ratio.

The points mean you can’t be relentless when it comes to killing players. If a player with low health runs away, you can’t afford to chase him all the way across the map because it will take you away from the points.

[quote=“CharacterIV, post:13, topic:1545433, full:true”]
It’s much too deathmatch-ey for my tastes. [/quote]

Funny, that’s the main reason I love it.

I think capture is the best pvp mode. First of all, it’s the only one entirely focused on player fighting. Almost no minions means you can focus nearly exclusively on fighting actual human controlled opponents.

Second of all, it encourages relentless fast-paced combat, instead of a more passive style like hanging back to defend a sentry or your minion grinder point.

Finally, matches don’t drag on forever. If you are getting beaten badly or winning big, you don’t have to keep playing for another 20 minutes or hope a surrender vote passes. The game will end quick and you can move on.

It’s unfortunate that this game doesn’t have a deathmatch mode, but capture is the closest thing to it, and one key reason why I enjoy it the most.

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