Want To Improve Your BB PVP Experience? Play Meltdown!

I cannot stress this enough, though:

There seem to be a LOT more fair / good / even / non-stompy matches in Meltdown and, to a lesser extent, FaceOff.

Many of the “we delight in Pubstomping and not much else” trolls…er…I mean players…seem to have sadly taken up permanent residence in Incursion.

Seriously, take up Meltdown - it will change your view of Battleborn.

It is VERY easy to find Meltdown matches now since Quick Match rolled out, and, while it may seem daunting at first, take the time to get to know it and you will realise it is a much more enjoyable and dynamic mode than Incursion!

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This was the main reason I stopped queuing meltdown to begin with. It was the favored haunt of the premades. If that tide has turned maybe ill give it another go.



Give it another try.

Aside from my Incursion heavy last few days (as they are the easiest levels to complete Alani lores on), I’ve been playing almost exclusively Meltdown (making up for lost time) since Quick Match rolled out.

80-90 percent of my games have been, if not entirely even, at the very least honourable, great back and forth, with plsyers leaving / surrendering bring very rare.

Ehhh. Meltdown is pretty much exclusively what I played in the technical test, beta, and full release until the queue died.

Your success and enjoyment depend HEAVILY on communication and team comp, the latter of which is extremely difficult to coordinate with pubs because YOU CAN’T CHANGE YOUR CHARACTER AT THE SELECTION SCREEN.

Also you can’t gang up with your team and clusterfuck your way to victory at choke points like you can Incursion.

I definitely think it’s the most fun, but the prerequisite for said fun is a bit more strict than other modes, me thinks.

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Meltdown simply has the best mechanics in the game.

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Second that. Meltdown is the most developed and competitive game mode available, which requires a lot of situational awareness, planning, team composition choices and coordination.

Also it’s a the only mode where actually different team compositions work better on different maps.

I thought this was where they always were? I mainly played Incursion when the game was first released because the team deathmatch players were all rolling Meltdown, then after the first patch to Incursion the tide seemed to shift so I played almost exclusively Meltdown, only playing Incursion when I couldn’t find a match, and that was where the premade meta teams who spent half an hour farming kills seemed to be lurking. Meltdown was the best mode after that but now everyone seems to be flocking to Face Off, which is understandable as it’s new.

The reason why 5-man pubstompers usually stuck to Meltdown is because it was the more tactical/competitive mode of the three base gamemodes. They all seem to have switched to incursion now, matches are usually a lot more evenly balance for me these days.

@FlamesForAll Clickbaitish title is clickbaitish

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I find this funny, considering incursion is just meltdown with a different end location for the minions.

Kind of like if incursion had multiple lanes?

What I kinda want to see is a more classic MOBA style Meltdown map with two lanes and a “jungle” in between, with randomly generating Thrall enemies that respawn every 3 minutes or so. Maybe even a couple of bosses that give temporary team buffs when killed.

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You would be right if not for the fact that you have twice more minions in meltdown which are in different lanes, which means that team’s dps is split up and minions clearing is more important. And if not for the fact that the better team is doing the harder it is for them as they have longer lanes to push, which creates more chances for comebacks.

Yeah, if not for those two major factors and many smaller ones, then meltdown is basically incursion…

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It sure seems Iike people love Battleborn but hate Minions.

Why isn’t Capture more popular then?

People like to level up and use legendary items. Capture is “too short” and “too few shards”

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Allowing us to change characters while still on the character select scree would be a HUGE plus for this game.

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i feel like you’re trying SO hard with this comeback, but sadly, you’re just not getting there. the dps is split in incursion as well having to go for thralls and spawning elites etc, and it’s not harder at all, considering the minions in meltdown can almost be ignored they’re so weak. in meltdown, you don’t clear the lane of minions, you clear it of the enemy team. it’s a slightly upgraded version of team death match, can’t really make it out to be some tactical masterpiece I’m afraid.

the double thralls IS the jungle and incursion IS the MOBA inspired mode. when this game was being made it couldn’t get rid of the MOBA tag for the life of it, kinda funny now people want it even more MOBA like, lol

Yeah, but Incursion only has one lane. Double thralls isn’t much of a jungle, I can solo it in less than 15 seconds as Montana without losing more than about 300 health. I dunno, I just thought it would be cool.

I detest having too much pve contents in a pvp environment. Meltdown is mostly pve with the minions and just boring for me since day 1. Incursion has now become another variation of meltdown so it’s boring for me too. I stopped playing this game lol.

I’ll still watch over the forums in case the game gets better. Hopefully, incursion becomes great again.


Guys, I had literally 9 Incursion matches today that lasted between 17 and 30 minutes, and the other one lasted about 10.

If no one else on your team is killing Minions, start killing them yourself.

They’re not giant overpowered monstrosities spewing nuclear hellfire.

I have yet to play a character in new Incursion that I havent been able to fight off Minions as well as enrage in normal combat and support.

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