Want to join a xbox Team!

Hello everyone that is part of the battleborn community. My friends and I are making a Battleborn Team for competitive purposes and for fun really. I for one love the game and my Teamates do to. We are stoked that a Moba game has came out for console. ANYWAYS we want to make the team for fun and just to get people in the community together so they can show off there skills. We are recruiting and would love to see more and more people getting in to it.

We would like eveyone to be at least 18 years of age to join we may make considerations for people that are 17 and even 16 but no younger. We have a dicussion page in the link that will be provided bellow near gamertags.

We have a ranking system for the team/clan and three leaders which are my friends.
Leaders: Funnakilldow, Brunography,XofficerxN4styX

HINT The link is for an app named “Discord” download the app and paste the link in the “join server” button. The app is really easy to use and a very nice dicussion app for the group.

Unable to post link but message me on xbox messages. If not add me on discord app my code is #6525


Thank you and hope to see you in the discussion board

Hey just added you on Discord I’ll also message you on xbox when I get home (at work now). I have been looking for a good team/group playing with randoms is ok but I need some teamwork lol.

I mostly play support/heal (miko,ambra and trying out kleese) but have been working on my dps/tank game as well.

My GT is :Blood Knight 32

Hey I’m downloading the app now and I’ll add you when it is done. I fall a bit under the age limit since I am 17, but I am not one of the immature 17 year olds you usually see online. I am a support/ranged (Miko, Reyna, Oscar Mike for a few examples) and I just can’t do randoms anymore. I want a team to make it more strategic and fun.

My gamer tag is Ice CDales (Ignore the name, I made it a while ago).

No prob man ur in add me on xbox my gt is

I’ll add you when I hop on my GT Rowebowcop

I joined the server just now, I am a little below the age limit of 18 but am not too immature. I’m really enjoying battle born and want to play with a team.
My gt is: Mmm Fatcakes (from a long time ago) and my discord name is hawkbenedict2

Is this only for PVP or are there people in the group doing advanced difficulty?

Haven’t tried the PVP, but willing to learn. Mostly interested in advanced and hardcore story. Mianly play support and crowd control dps.

Gamertag - Killdaur

Na we can do advance difficulty story mode and we. Can show u the ropes