Want to learn her, have a few questions

(Tryak74lol) #1
  1. What helix choices do you take on her at levels 4, 5 and 6?
  2. What 3 pieces of gear do you run on her?
  3. When do I just spam my regular attack and when do I use a fully charged shot?
  4. What is her most effective combat range (close / medium / long) and why?
  5. Do you have any additional tips / advice for a new Thorn player?

(psn: Vegan_Cookies5) #2

So first off, I want to say Thorn was never one of my better characters, I didn’t like her enough to put in the effort to get great with her. What I learned and to answer your questions:

  1. 4- right, 5-left, 6-left. I liked the more arrows at 4, helped me with aim :stuck_out_tongue: . I hardly ever charged my arrows, so none of them seemed interesting to me, just shield pen is not a great stat. Also Blight > Volly 100% so always buff Blight when you have the option.
  2. I ran these, with the negatives for obvious reasons. I am sure other people would have better suggestions, but I ALWAYS went skill damage with her.

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  3. I hardly ever used the full charge, but there is some use to it, just takes skill and what you are comfortable with.
  4. I alway played medium, it allowed me to maximize the skills and placement of blight.
  5. Jump around and use her mobility. She is really strong and can be hard to hit. And focus on minion kills, she is great at it.

(Ambra's Arbiter) #3
  1. Focused volley is the best, for damage output, crits, and accuracy, but use kresheks judgement until you can consistently curse. Then, hextension is the best. Last, brutal blight used to be the best but since the nerfs it’s about equal, depends on which you’re better at landing.
  2. Skill damage with health after 180 seconds. Same but with attack damage. Then regen with regen after 180 seconds. Survivalbility and damage in spades. Replace with shield if you find it important
  3. Never really spam your attack imo. Fully charge to land curse then land charged but not cursed arrows from that point on.
  4. Mid range. Can land blight, her ult, and volley, while also jumping high enough to avoid fire and leading shots.
  5. Jump. All. The. Time. It’s like, necessary. Always curse first.

(Tryak74lol) #4

Would you happen to know if focused volley keeps the same spread as default volley just with 2 less arrows, or does it tighten the spread? Additionally, can you expand on why hextension is the better level 5 choice? I figured the DoT would be better at first glance.

(The Villain) #5

Better advice than you think. You have to stick and move. Be unpredictable.

(Ambra's Arbiter) #6

Tightens it significantly. And hextension is better because most of her damage comes from her skills and 8 dot is only useful for stopping shields
Thanks lol

(PSN ID Apophis_SunEater) #7

I’m personally not a big fan of stacking the “survive 180 seconds” gear just because if it’s a tough match, and your gear should be for tough matches not easy ones, you won’t have the secondary effects for a good chunk of the match.

Skill damage I think is a must for thorn. Her skills make her good, the bow is just kinda there.

(Tryak74lol) #8

I’ve gathered some nice information from this topic so far, but after playing her a bit, I have a question about her passive. What exactly counts as a charged arrow? I’m assuming that if I curse a target and then left click a single time, the subsequent arrow will not benefit from the 25% damage boost. However, if hold the left mouse button down for a split second to slightly charge the arrow, will that arrow benefit from the 25% bonus damage, or does it need to be a fully charged arrow?

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Read the curse description x.x

(Tryak74lol) #11

Oh, derp.

(PSN:Santbech_2038) #12

Lol! I always thought i could curse and spam normal :’( well atleast i learned something new lol

(Tryak74lol) #13

After playing her a bit more, I finally realized that she has the ability to zoom using right click. Is this actually useful though? How often do you guys use the zoom?

(PSN:Santbech_2038) #14

How do ppl call it? Scope in out? I use it right before i shoot to confirm im going to land my hit. I dont use it when spaming tho

Marquis cant do it and toby needs it to see through is blue shield.

(PSN: Umbra073) #15

Your reasoning makes a lot of sense, curious-what do you prefer? I have rarely played with Eldrid since mastering them.

(PSN ID Apophis_SunEater) #16

For thorn I would probably use HP regen, skill damage and maybe a 0 cost shard generator. I would try desperately to find gear that has the negative effect of either reload speed, max shield, shield regen, or shield delay.

I would most likely stack skill damage and HP regen with some attack damage.

My general rule of thumb is to increase what the character does best. Increase a tanks survivability, increase a pushers attack damage, increase a casters skill damage.

Also for thorn I might use a secondary effect that activates upon activating a skill or after taking health damage or maybe the HP regen while under 50% health.

(PSN: Umbra073) #17

That’s what I do as well, I guess what I’m asking is: if you use blue gear what is your preferable condition for secondary bonus if not ‘after surving for 3 mins’

(PSN ID Apophis_SunEater) #18

I edited my last post so I hope that helps a bit

(PSN ID Apophis_SunEater) #19

The “after activating a skill” secondary lasts 10 or 15 seconds. With how often thorn activates her skills you’ll have your secondary active almost the entire match.

(PSN: Umbra073) #20

Yeah, that helps a lot. The gear I have been running on most Eldrid has been +280 Max health, +210 max health after suriving 180 seconds, -shield something. +14Hp/s, +7Hp/s after surviving 180seconds, -shield something. The conditions like taking health damage and being under 50% health are for uncommon gear rather than rare gear (meaning I can’t stack effects like that).
I guess I have some work to do, maybe I’ll move back to a zero cost shard generator and 2 legendaries in the meantime.

(PSN ID Apophis_SunEater) #21

I wouldn’t worry so much about stacking stats to there max as long as the things you do stack are reliable. I would try to stack a minor and major HP regen and a minor and major skill damage.

Shard cost is another huge factor to consider. The higher the cost the longer you’ll go without the gear equipped. The cheaper the gear the sooner you’ll have it equipped AND you’ll level up faster too because you are free to buy buildibles earlier.

I’ve often had to ask myself, “is that extra 7 HP regen really worth the extra 1050 shards and the 5 minutes it takes to get them?” And the answer is usually no.