Want to learn him; gear / helix choices / tips?

What are you experienced Marquis players running on him?

If you’d like tips for PvE I’d love to share, but if you want PvP stuff then I’m not your man.

Well, his legendary is a no no for you as you don’t have it yet. I’d run epic attack damage with speed, attack speed with health, and your choice of:
Crit damage
Skill damage
Shield pen

Tips is to use him as an off wave clear, his owls can do a lot of work, and to destroy any tanks or Kleeses, Toby, etc.
Use your range to be the deciding +1 in every battle and take in assists and then just wait for a team fight near a choke point and snipe them with ult for a double

Recommended build:
Level 2, 6, 7, and 9 are up to you, but I chose the generally preferred helices. The scope at level 3 is barely noticeable by the by

For PVE take crit damage and phase flyer and find a high point. Do the same thing past that


In regards to using his owls for wave clear, is the explosion from the owl an AoE? I thought it was a single target ability.

Edit: Also, I noticed you take the -recoil at level 3 instead of the +2 ammunition, which I thought would be the optimal choice. Any reason why?

Nah, his owls are a generous aoe that make for shockingly decent wave clear, especially with windfall
His recoil is quite ridiculous but that helps by a major amount. Bullet banker isn’t as amazing. I tried it once or twice but you don’t snipe constantly with Marquis where it’s a necessity. You wanna find a spot, harass a target until they leave/are dead, and then reload and move on. The recoil will allow that rather than carefully weighing each shot, which you can no longer due to his damage nerfs

I disagree with your choice at level 3. Bullet Banker is a massive increase to his DPS, especially with the other choices you made in his helix. You’d be better off learning how to manage the recoil and work with it, than you would by using the recoil reduction as a crutch. In the end it will increase your level of play and effectiveness the same way Kleese’s Overloaded Mortars does, but to a lesser extent.


As a marquis player he needs more recoil honestly if he had his old damage back, also how high does his ult damage go, I got a rath with half health and full shield before, direct hit got him in the air

Of all the characters I mastered he’s the one I found perfect right out of the box.
It’s the only one with reload that I found has a good enough reload that it didn’t need anything.
So, any gear that improves basic skills with him seems to do the trick.

Oh I don’t necessarily need it, but when it comes to pistol critting and landing cross shot double hits with maxed our attack speed it helps a lot. I was also framing it in a reference of the OP being new, where bullet banker is also mutation for a reason. Strong points all the same though

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Been playing him for a few days now, but I still don’t consider myself to be proficient with him. Anyone have any general tips / advice they can offer? For example, what do you take at level 7 on him? Additionally, What kinds of targets should I be prioritizing? Big targets whom I can hit easily, or squishy targets?