Want to play borderlands 2 on the xbox one with someone

I don’t have any friends who have this game and I’m looking for people who would like to join if you are interested and my character is lv 15 psycho (since I have to restart everything again from scratch) and my gamertag is Invaderofglory and you can message me on the forums or xbox one.

Got you moved to the One section. Youll find more help here’s. Happy looting!

You can play with me my gamertag is Lydan Stag

My gamertag is Lydan Stag

Hey man in playing BL2 as well and looking for endgame players. My GT is HeadshotVillian.

@HeadshotVillian, Alright cool but feel free to add me too if you want alright?

feel free to add me gt is lewdadew ill play anytime i have the time.

@dunnlewis22, alright I will but hit me up on the game when I’m on and my GT is Invaderofglory by the way in case if you forgot my GT

Don’t mind having a few games with you either got a lol 37 mechromancer

GT: SuicidalSweed

I’m always down lvl 72 assassin GT: Immense Pradeje

I’ll play, add

Xbox One
Gamertag - GhostWolfViking

Borderlands 2
Siren Op 8

Phoenix, Arizona. U.S.A.

Turtlebeach XO Seven Pro headset with mic.

Add me if you want to play or need help speed running to ultimate mode.

I have OP 8 gear and money I can help you with too.

If anybody ever needs some bode to play borderlands with on Xbox one hit me up.
Gt: Savage Karn

Add me. GT: Legendary Ecko

I need somebody to trade with Ineed lvl 50 +
Gt- Savage Karn

@jasonlytten,@ecko612, I’ll add you guys when I get on alright?

add me im a level 31 zero just finished the final misison my gm: Whogamesalone

GT: GG Boy AFK. Lets rock!

@williamrmoyer, is your GT GG Boy or GG Boy AFK? Because just making sure I didn’t add the wrong person

Down to play whenevers.
yes the N is part of it