Want to play borderlands 2 on the xbox one with someone

I play gt L 3ss3nc3 L

I’m late to the thread lmao but i got my level 50 deleted and now I’m having to restart. My gamer tag is Mother Ghoul. I fr just want to speed run this game so I can get to the dlcs again. Thanks. Feel free to add.

Currently rank 38 and about to start TVHM. Feel free to add me. Gt is TwistedxSniper6

looking for someone to power level me played on ps4 transfered over to xbox. gt toastmybiscuits

If u guys message me on xbox at gra5er1 i can help afew ppl out with stuff

i can help
Gt: SmugSoviet

Hi, would you be willing to play with me on Xbox 360?

If anyone is down to play some borderlands 2 hmu
GT: XxGstLgndxX

I’m down to play with anyone who wants to farm terra or hyperius or any other raid/high level bosses. Lvl 80 siren and zero but not OP10 yet. Xbox 1 gamertag: Oscillation1115