Want to run Peak anyone?

I’m running the peak with OP2 Zero.
Looking for VHs to join in (join in means not stand at the entrance and make the game more challenging without helping lol) it’s a legit grind to op8 friends make it more fun.
Let me know here or send me a FR
Psn: ionic14

Define ‘legit grind’

It’s a slow grinding process that I’ve done many times and I tend to lose interest in it easily but it needs to be done to achieve OP8.

Ah…I speed-run people through it, so that’s why I ask your definition of legit.

That would definitely make it less of a grind and at this point I don’t care about how “legit” it is.
I know I could complete it, it’s just a timesuck.
I would totally be down for that if you are on at some point and don’t mind. :grinning:

If you just wanna get though it I can help.

Sweet thanks pie.
Pretty sure you’re still on my friends list
I will msg you when I see you on.

Yeah your on my list. Do you have an op5+ already or what lvl are you at atm?

I cleared op4 last night. So I’m at op5
Is that where you first fight omgwth? I’m pretty sure it is

Yeah it is. As long as my wifi holds up I can get you to op8 in less then an hour.

Ok cool. Thanks