Want to see more Melee-Zer0 style character in BL3?

Honestly I really enjoy playing melee Zer0 in OP8. The high risk, high reward style is really addictive and it feels so good to be like a ninja when mobbing. One thing that disappoint me is that even melee Zer0 is viable in most of the raid boss fights, it is still quite hectic to do so. I know that people have made a point that Borderlands series are supposed to be a gun shooting game but not blade slashing game and I do agree that gun shooting should always be the main feature of this game. But I really hope to see melee-Zer0 styled character in BL3 which can be more viable in raid boss fights than that in BL2.

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I agree.

I loved how Zer0 played so differently to other melee characters. The prescion strikes compared to the wild brutality of Brick/Krieg.


Zero takes hack-n-slash to a level of precision that would make Dr. Zed shed a tear.

Kreig can be quite surgical with the Buzzaxe if you aim right. Personally I’ve enjoyed Athena’s melee mechanics the best because it fuses gunplay perfectly into it. But it is more attritional like Krieg than Zero.

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I agree, Athena has been my favorite melee character in any of them

I would rather have another Brick/Krieg kind of melee although pure melee doesn’t seems to be a smart ideia for a game that focus so much in weapons and gunplay.

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No thanks. Zer0 is my least favourite character in BL2, mainly because I can’t get the hang of him. I’m not gonna say he’s crap just because I don’t like him though.

Yes, it would also be more difficult for Gearbox to design level if they need to consider pure melee playstyle. That’s why I think Zer0 is flexible enough, with B0re, using Pimpernel is very effective even with main melee build. But I do agree that Zer0 relies on B0re and specific weapon too much to bring out his true power

While I’m more of a fan of Krieg and Brick, I do enjoy playing as Zer0 a lot. I’d be all for another character like him appearing in the future.

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I think it would be tough to make without making a blatant copy.

You have the argument that a pure melee in a shooting game is hard to design for. However, he has a few tricks up his sleeve for those guys who should be just out of reach: kunai, execute-flying, etc.

That makes him difficult to use, but still functional if you have the time to learn his moves.

It’s not a problem with Zer0 or Athena since they’re hybrid melee characters but it is with action-skills to the likes of Brick and Krieg, wich invalidates most of their skills while active.


What if there was a Brick style class that did this:

When you activate your skill, the next attack you make (shooting OR melee) decides if this usage of your action skill will focus on your guns, or your melee.

Just a thought. Then you wouldn’t be married to melee for your action skill.

No, I rather have a Bow and Arrow class.

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I would support the ideia of multiple/unlockable action-skill modes but not only to a melee char but for everyone, two-button combination (hold action-skill then press another button) should work well even on lagged connections, this or having major action-skill mutator at the trees’ capstones but this would require the player to not be able to afford more than one capstone.

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Lol honestly that would be kinda fun

Like a Hawkeye type character

Well Bricks action skill could be used in a gun based build to great effect. Provider you entered the inventory before the animation ended.