Want to swap my OP8 weapons for OP1 equivalents

As title, I’m currently stuck on OP6 and cant be bothered doing the last 2 digistruct runs, so I’d like to swap these OP8 weapons I’ve got for their OP1 equivalents.

Stuff I’ve got:
Stalker (Shock & corrosive version)
Double penetrating unkempt harold
Thunderball Fists
Norfleet (1 shock & 2 corrosive versions)
infinity (1 vanilla, 1 shock)
conference call (shock, slag & corrosive)
Heart Breaker
Hammerlock’s elephant gun
Sandhawk (slag)
swift hail
Blood & Breath of seraphs
Blood of terramorphus
skin, heart, and blood of the ancients

If you’ve got the OP1 version of any of these I’d be happy to swap for my OP8 version. I’ve also got the majority of these on my XB1 playthrough too (had them before the handsome collection came out), so if you’ve got it on the XB1 I’m happy to swap on that instead.

GT is ABigRedMonster - feel free to drop me a message here, a PM, or on Xbox.


If you’d rather get to OP8 and keep your loot I can help you on the 360 Monday night or Tuesday

Thanks for the offer - you got a decent strategy/team/loot to do it with? Only reason I ask is the weapons I’ve got for OP6 are all kinda crappy so I’d not be much help anyway. (one of the reasons I posted this actually).

I have an OP8 commando i use for digi peak and raids, it shouldn’t be a problem.

All right, cool :wink: - I’ll be free Monday & Tuesday night. What’s your GT? I’ll add you on the 360

same as here BTK420247

Ok, I’ve sent the friend request.

Btw which timezone/country are you in? It’s just I live in the UK so if you’re in the US/Australia or something we’re probably gonna have a problem, or it might be more difficult at least.

Time zone is GMT-8. I usually get on around 11 am my time 7 pm your time.