Want to trade class mods

I have a 72 Leg. Psycho, 72 Leg. Siren, and 72 Leg. Berserker that I’m wanting to trade for a 72 Leg. Soldier and 72 Leg. Ranger. Willing to trade my 3 for your 2, if anyone’s interested. PSN SCJFOX460. Thanks guys.

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I’ll see if I can get some. I think the ones I have are OP8 tho if that’s fine. I’ll probably add you later or something if I decide to farm for 'em or trade :slight_smile:

I’m looking for 72. Haven’t even touched the OP levels yet. I planned to farm for them myself, but I figured I’d offer a good trade for someone considering I don’t need those 3 COMs.

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Alright. I’ll have to dig around for some of them because they’re not all on one character so it might require using multiple accounts because I have some stuff on a mule character on my brothers PSN

I’ll be on in a few, so just shoot me a message if you come up with something.

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Sure thing

I picked up a 72 Axton one yesterday from a Red chest, it’s yours. I’ll send you a message on PSN. I’m in the UK though so depends on what time your on.