Want to Trade lots of Stuff, Spreadsheet included (Updated July 12th)

Hey Everyone,

LF Lv 60 upgrades for meta gears and DLC3 stuff. Mostly with STNL/Cryo and 50/150

Spreadsheet up to date for July 12th.

Looking for:

Lvl 60 M10 Upgrades for stuff listed in this spreadsheet
DLC 3 Guns STNL/Cryo and 50/150 All
Cutsman 50/150 Shock/Corrosive
Kaoson (x2) STNL/Cryo Rad/Cryo
Kaoson (x2) 50/150 Rad
Redistributor STNL/Cryo Rad/Shock Max Base Damge Variants Only
Sandhawk 50/150 Cryo/Rad
Sandhawk STNL/Cryo Cryo/Rad
Reflux (x14) 50/150
Recurring Hex OGT 25% Shock/Rad
Old God STNL/Move Rad/Cryo dmg/Absorb/Turtle
Old God Slide Recharge Rad Dmg, Absorb/Turtle
Snowdrift Deathless Mag Size, AOE Dmg, Rad Dmg
Ice Breaker Victory Rush Mag Size, Move Spd, AR Dmg or SMG Dmg
Snowdrift Victory Rush Mag Size, Move Spd, SMG Dmg or AR Dmg
Seein’ Dead 3-5 Donnybrook Mag Size, Move Spd, Wpn Dmg
Seein’ Dead 3-5 Donnybrook AS Damage, Mag Size, SMG Dmg or AR Dmg or Wpn Dmg or Move Spd 5:1 Trade
Bloodletter Mag Size, Splash Dmg, Wpn Dmg
Globetrotter 50/150 All
Globetrotter STNL/Cryo All
Webslinger Shock

I have fire and rad sandhawks 50/150
Maggie 50/150
both reflux you are looking for

I am sure I can find some stuff on your list if you are interested

I’d be very interested, particularly the Reflux just let me know what you want and I’ll get em for you. We traded the other day so you are already in my friend list I think.

Ok how bout I send you the sandhawks and refluxes and you send me devils forum 50/150. grease trap ASA200, kybs worth CH, and you snowshoe shield.

to be clear I have sntl and 50/150 reflux

deal, give me a couple mins to collect em from mules and such and I’ll send them all over. Those two Refulx are perfect.

your psn must be different?


Sent, thanks. If you get more gear update your list. I have most of what you are looking for, but I also have most of what you are offereing.

Thanks very much, I do intend to keep it updated regularly for sure


I went through your want list and this is what I can offer…
Maggie 50/150
Kaoson x2 - SNTL - corrosive, kinetic, fire
Kaoson x2 - 50/150 in shock, corrosive, fire
OPQ 1.5 Zoom SNTL
Reflux x14 SNTL
Reflux x14 50/150
Sandhawk 50/150 - Fire/Shock/Rad Semi/Burst
Sanhawk SNTL - Cryo/Corrosive
It’s Piss OGT 25

These are the items on your list that interest me…
Lucky 7 50/150
Mongol 50/150 cryo
Last Stand Victory Rush 40% rad; 272/sec regen
Cutpurse Launchpad 20% cryo; 10% move spd; 20% corrosive

Let me know which items you want.

PSN - Renovatio_Zero

Hi there
I 've got also a lot of stuff for you
Let me know if you want something

FR Sent

Happy to trade for all the items you want, in exchange I’d like:

Kaoson stnl cryo in corrosive
Kaoson 50/150 in Corrosive
Sandhawk 15/150 in Shock
OPQ Stnl Cryo

Give me a min to get them

Sent you another offer on PSN if you are interested.

I’ll definately take a look, I’m sure there’s plenty I’d love to get :slight_smile:

Lmk what you still need for the brawler ward

Psn nat_zero_six

Cloning Maddening Tracker would be great or an Old God or One Shotter but I’m open to a lot of stuff also, make me an offer

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You got it. What is your psn?

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Ok here is the stuff I would take
Redistributor 50/150 cryo
Kaoson (x2) 50/150 cryo
Mongol 50/150
Recurring Hex grenade throw25
Recurring Hex ASE corrosive 50
Redundant Reflux (x14) SNTL cryo

Very interested but I need to get some sleep, I will message you tomorrow if that’s ok