Want to trade some legendaries

Have some legendaries that I don’t particularly need, so I’d be up for trading them.
I have: Non-elemental Lyuda, Corrosive Breath of the Dying, Brainstormer, Fire Alchemist, anointed for extra cryo damage after action skill end, Fire Shredifier, Cryo Malak’s Bane, Fire Embrace the Pain, Shredded Scourge, Primeval Spectral Phasezerker class mod, Teething Prideful Rakk Commander class mod, Non-elemental Warlord, Unforgiven, Shock/Cryo Recursion, Back Ham, Riposte Impaler, Re-Charger, a couple Transformers, Big Boom Blaster, Widowmaker, Elemental Projector Deathless relic, Corrosive Nemesis, Corrosive Magnificent, Cryo/Rad Destructo Spinner, Gatling Gun, a couple Face Punchers, a Corrosive Butcher, Shock Butcher, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.
I know not all of these are all that useful, but seems like a waste to just sell them if trading is a thing.

LF>Cryo Crossroads, Cryo MIRV Hex, Cryo or Fire Laser-sploder, Legendary Executor class mod, Fire Cutsman, Legendary Ice Breaker relic, Cryo Night-Hawkin.

What stats has Elemental Projector Deathless relic?

183% elemental damage boost, 1 HP, +100% shield capacity, +25% recharge rate, - 20% recharge delay. 17% assault rifle damage, 29% cryo resistance, 8% movement speed.