Wanted: SHD0-TP head. Reward: Legendaries for both games

I’m willing to trade 1-2 legendaries in exchange for that beautiful head customization. Here’s what I have:

Non: non-elemental
Elc: Shock
Fir: Fire
Cor: Corrosive


Cor & elc Bitch LV 72

Elc Veruc LV 72

Exp KerBlaster LV 72

Elc & non Shredifier LV 72

Non Hanmer Buster LV 72

Cor Hornet LV 72

Non Maggie LV 72

Cor & fir Badaboom LV 72

Non Conferance Call LV 72

Elc Lyudmila LV 72

Fir Pitchfork LV 72

Slayer of Terramorphous (Assasin) LV 50

Slayer of Terramorphous (Gunzerker) LV 50

Legendary Nurse LV 72

Legendary Titan LV 72

Legendary Reaper LV 72

Legendary Killer LV 72

Elec & Cor The Bee LV 72

Exp Fabled Tortoise LV 72

Flame of the Firehawk LV 72

Sticky Longbow Bonus Package LV 72


Non IVF LV 14

Frz & non Longnail LV 28

Thunderfire LV 33

Cyrophobia LV 13

Nukem LV 31

Fir Cat o' Nine Tails LV 38

Elc Black Hole LV 28

Eridian Vanquisher (Doppelganger) LV 26

Celestial Fragtrap LV 36

My PSN: nizar_2002
Please leave a message at the friend request if you want to trade.

Impossible to get as a drop me and another person tried. I have hundreds of attempts on story mode and mutater arena at all vault levels. He actually tried something not on the level and did not get a single drop on almost a 1000 tries! I have asked on these forums multiple times to no avail. The only person who had it got it as a shift reward and couldn’t trade it! I have also never seen a video of the drop as proof. Good luck anyway if by some miracle you get it let us know.