Wanting someone to play Now?

Anyone want to team up for some play now?

I am level 72

it is 14:30 UK time I am on for a few hours just send me a message or add crypticthree on live.

I will drop a message here as we are probably not on at the same time. I am on nightly between 9pm and 1am EST. I believe that I am 5 Hours behind UK time, (1am to 5am UK time). That time never varies. If for some odd reason that does work out just drop me a message on Xbox.

GT: LunaticOne

Yeah sadly that’s when I am sleeping.

I have managed to join a couple of games in the live list and I always send a message asking to join in case they are swapping guns etc and don’t want a stranger in the game.

I did a quick match yesterday and ended up with 3 players who had like 100 guns and stuff on the floor so I am dubious about doing that again. Obviously I didn’t pick anything up.

Is the quick match normally a good way to go if you want to play with others?

I really don’t mind what part of the game or levels their game or mine I just think its better to play as a team after so many hours of solo.

As usual I am just about to log in for the day now 10am ish.

Yes, the Quick match is a good way to find available games to play and sometimes you can find some great people to play the game with through those random games (I have). The best is Looking on this forum, though the main problem is finding players for the time periods that you are playing the game.