Wanting to help Fellow Vault hunters on OP

I’ve been on this forum for awhile and see a lot of people needing help. So I’m offering a hand of gratitude for the fellow people that helped me Hit OP 8. Send me a message my Gamertag s Devine reality and I can run people through 72- OP 8 Just be patient. I have a family an a son and those come first but I can try and help as many people as possible. I’ll be doing this all the time. If I don’t respond right away give me a few and I will help you. I run on PST Zone. So keep that in mind if I don’t respond. I might go down every now and then but can blow through 72-op8 in a few hours if not faster. Glad to help as many people as possible. Good Luck fellow Vault Hunters! :Edit: I just respected my gunzerker for Rocket jumping build on Op 8 So I can Go from 72-OP 8 in about 30-40 minutes :D!

:EDIT: Just putting this in here If you want me to take you to OP 8 from 72 Message my gamertag. I’m not gonna send you a game invite. Gamertag is Devine Reality.

Thanks for getting me to op 8 man

Anytime bud Told ya it’d be fast :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a lot man! Fastest OP8 ever

Anytime bud

Hello, I was wondering if there would would be able to power level me to 72 or beyond if you had the time. I’m currently at level 52 and would love the help. I’m on now my GT is xxCOKILLAHxx or whenever you have a sec

I can’t really do power leveling just the Over powered levels. Sorry mate.

Thanks man, appreciate it. It was quick.

Thanks for getting m y characters to op8

got any presequel legendaries anybody lvl 70
GT: gx joelzzz gx

Anytime bud

can you help me get OP8, GT is EuanRowand99

Hit me up when you get on Euan

Still Helping Everyone :slight_smile:

Any any chance this Friday you could help me out I have been trying to get op 8 for weeks, I’m having a hard time with it

Yeah any day man just message me on xbox

Awesome Ty so much

Anytime bud like I said. I’m on all the time Just hit me up and I’ll get you there.

can u help me my name is lewis mc 64 on xbox one

Need help hitting OP8 can you help me out please ?