Wanting to play Deluxe Battleborns content on the same console with PSN accounts from two different countries

Hello there Gearbox/2k/Battleborners,

I’m not sure of the best place to learn more about this particular situation but since the devs are so active here I thought I would try the forums.

I’ll give a bit of a background to my situation. My partner and I moved to Canada from Australia and bought our ps4 in Canada and as a result are in an interesting situation where we have PSN accounts from two different countries - Mine (Australia), and hers (Canada); with our own shift accounts attached to each.

We bought the deluxe edition of Battleborn (Canadian) on launch and have absolutely loved the hell out of the game! Currently everything works fine in game - able to level, play all content etc - but the problems are arising now that content has been released which requires the PSN store (platinum) as well as the upcoming expansion levels and character keys that we won’t be able to play together unless I buy a second copy of Battleborn with the season pass.

And this is where things get difficult, even though I am happy to buy the deluxe edition a second time.

So, I can’t buy the deluxe edition of Battleborn in Canada because even though hard copies of games are region free, the DLC and in game purchases are not compatible unless they are from the same region. So, as my PSN and PSN store are Australian, it means I will have to order the game from Australia. Unfortunately…

I run in to the next problem: how is the same Playstation going to handle having two versions of the same game installed. Is it possible? Does it matter if I buy it digital or order the hard copy from Australia? Or do I run the risk of buying a game that I can’t play/access the content of because of the account situation, and not being able to have access to all the new content?

Then, if/when I do buy it and I unlock all the stuff for my account, is it all going to work fine for both of us, and is it going to matter which account launches battleborn etc?

In summation

  • Same Console (Canadian)
  • GFs PSN (Canadian)
  • Battleborn Deluxe Edition (Canadian)
  • My PSN (Australian)
  • What do I need to do/buy from here to be able to access the platinum store on the australian PSN and all the extra content coming in the season pass / deluxe edition?
  • Possible solution, but I don’t know if it will work. Can I uninstall our current digital canadian Deluxe Edition of Battleborn off the playstation, then buy + download the Australian digital deluxe version and active it all with my shift account? Would that enable both of us to have all the unlocks and be able to play all the new content together?

Any help MUCH appreciated, thankyou! :smiley: