Wanting to trade for a Bloodletter class mod

Hello I am in need of a bloodletter class mod for Moze and have been trying to farm one but have been unable to get it for several days, I have these items that i can trade away as i have no need for them
1 Bashing Infiltrator class mod for Zane with a +1 red icon and a + 4 blue icon (sorry ive never played zane before so i dont really know any skill names for any character except Moze)

1 Bifurcated Friendly Friend-Bot class mod for FL4Kcwith +3 blue bear icon +2 green heal looking icon

1 Rope-a-Dope Solitary Breaker class mod for Amara with a +1 +1 +3 all green icons

I also have a regular Rough Rider shield
A Tina’s Hippity Hopper Grenade
A Surge Grenade
A Hoarder re-Charger shield which is annoited with a on action skill end gain 50% bonus incendiary damage for 10 seconds

I have a few more i could show during the trade that i feel i should not write down as i have just now noticed ive listed quite a bit also im unsure if it should be noted but all items listed are Legendary quality, anyways please let me know if you are wanting to trade and i will happily send you my psn name.
Edit: just noticed people actually put down there psn usernames anyways so mine is: siax222

Any specific stats for the bloodletter

Im using it for my splash damage moze build so if it was able to benefit that then i would prefer so but if not then then any bloodletter is fine

no splash damage but ill send it over

Ah okay thank you was there any item you specifically wanted from the list?

Im good i have another one