Wanting to trade for Fl4k Gamma Burst build

Hello Community,

After ignoring Fl4k for the last few hundred hours of gameplay a buddy gave me a Bekah with a gamma burst annointment and it appears that gamma burst is viable. I know nothing. I will listen to advice from all you Fl4k mains and watch you tube. If you have gear suggestions I would love to trade for some of the good stuff if I am able. Of course gamma burst annointments help. Thanks, guys.

My GT is conch8 on xb1

I can trade you an anointed Ion Laser, Ion Cannon, Maggie, and a Rifle, all with Gamma Burst anointments, an anointed stop gap and an anointed Transformer that give 20% cooldown reduction, and few Red Fang Class Mods, just trade me back an equal number of anointed shields or grenades or class mods like R4KK P4k or Spiritual Driver. GT = Tom dot66. Let me know. thanks

Thanks, Stef, having a hard time getting into this build. I like Rakk attack better. Sorry I mis judged this.

Hey, Stefantom, I appreciate the effort you made to respond. Yesterday I came across some nice gamma burst gear and also a spirit driver. I would like to send it to you, no strings attached. Just need your GT

I am conch8 on xb1

If you want to send me the two shields and the cannons or the red fang that would be swelll .

Will do. Enjoy experimenting. GT = Tom dot66

My account is in a mail “pause” because I have been sending so much…lol. I just got your FR will send some loot your way as soon as I am able…laughing. Glad your responded and gave me a chance to make good.

I accidently sent you the Snowdrift Victory Rush artifact. I had promised that to someone else. Could you send it back to me, please? Thanks, Tom

No problem, will send sometime night. thx

Thank you, we all good, Tom? Thanks, bud.

We are great on your side. I have lost track, do I still owe you an Ion Cannon x2 Gamma Burst anoint. Let me know. thanks Tom

We are good, just keep in touch, if I have goods I will share. Cheers!

See your post on Shields. I can help with the transformers. Thanks Tom