Ward shield 300%

Hello I’m looking for a ward shield with melee damage up 300% lvl 65 mayhem 10

I have a lot of different items I’m willing to trade for it including a cryo Mrv hex and a buch of different types of commander planetoid.

Psn Mautowa

Do you need a lvl65? I got a lvl 1 300% for easy shield breaking

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I didn’t think of it that way that sounds great. Just send me a friend request .

You looking for anything in particular?

Sorry I got off and didnt see your msg, I just sent you a fr. I am mainly looking for N2M light show off every element and a Elemental Projector White elepanth relic. Also decent seen dead, I still got my lvl 50 one

Got seein dead and elemental projector for you. Add me