Warden in The Anvil

So I just killed The Warden in The Anvil on Eden 6 looking at Plaguebearer with a better Anoint for my Moze and well Everything is dropping at Mayhem 0. Seems like he is glitched at the moment. Also I am in Mayhem 10.

He seems to have two “sources” on him for loot. He drops stuff in two waves and one of the two is not scaled.

The first drop isn’t scaled. Once he throws all off the cash and loot up, that gear scales correctly. I’ve never seen a Plaguebearer drop in the first, non-scaled drop tho. That friggin sucks

I went through and did multiple runs last night. He would either a) drop all Mayhem 10 items or b) drop all non -mayhem items no matter the pool. He seems like he is very bugged right now, and also did not get 1 plaguebearer. Not sure if this is because of this but I just moved onto Killavolt because of personal rng with Monarch is pretty good.