[Warframe] Character Concept - Ophia


I am a creature of habit, as well as one to not take “risk” outside of places it doesn’t really matter. So I thought I’d run my frame (character) concept by you folks here first, where the format is comfortable to work with, and I already have a bit of a reputation. With that…

There have been 3 frames released since I started playing Warframe. All of which failed to be enjoyable, or at least bring some unique utility at their release. And this is one of the reasons I felt like posting my concept… Though I will say not all utility is prevalent immediately, such as Volt’s niche as an Eidolon hunter.

  • Khora - She was very bad off at release. But part of that wasn’t her fault, as most of her kit was centered around the IPS 2.0 changes that were scratched. But as of now (even though she is rough around the edges from of things like “derpy” pet AI, low stat baselines, etc…), she has grown to have some of the most utility in the game, and is one of my current 8 favorite frames.

  • Revenant - Ultimately his 4 ruins what little useful synergy he has. And you either build a very one dimensional playstyle around it, as it’s his best ability. Or you never use it and build around his clunky and lackluster first 3 abilities. With both playstyles having major flaws, be it high energy cost or anti-synergies.

  • Garuda - Some of her abilities are really interesting, and her power comes from the same mechanic I utilize with Ophia. But while I haven’t given Digital Extremes the chance to make changes her, I will say that she pays pretty heavily for her power. Whether it be casting times, low base stats, diminishing returns, etc… My conclusion more comes down to that fact she has no niche in the game atm, and she is either a frame you enjoy or one you don’t use.

I also decided to publish this because including the one pertaining to Garuda, quite a few of my ideas have slowly made their way into WF, such as one of the new Fortuna mod sets. And while most of them aren’t revolutionary, they are new to WF, and I take pride in being unique when it comes to being creative in video games.

But without further adieu, I present to you “Ophia”, a plant based warframe. (A lot of her synergy is within the notes of her abilities. Something I might have to change if I post her on the WF forums.)
An example of a warframe’s kit in case you are unfamiliar


  • Shields - 0 > 0 at level 30
  • Health - 300 > 900 at level 30
  • Armor - 375
  • Energy - 150 > 225 at level 30
  • Sprint Speed - 1.1


  • Husk - Enemies that die while suffering from a damage-over-time status effect leave behind a husk and fertilize the ground, restoring 3 energy and 3% health per second to allies in the area.
    • Notes:
      • Fertilizer patches can stack an unlimited amount, but they only last for 5 seconds and have a 2 meter radius. Also extends 2 meters above and below.
      • This applies in a 100 meter radius around Ophia, and she doesn’t have to be the one that kills the enemy.
      • Husk last for 10-15 seconds (subject to change/rework depending on performance issues).


  • 1) Foreboding Harvest - Seize an enemy, planting a seed in their body before jettisoning them into the air. Afterwards, the plant explodes into tendrils that stun nearby enemies, using the host’s life force to deal slash damage based on your current health.
    • Energy - 25
    • Duration - Damage is dealt over 6 seconds
    • Strength - 4x your current health as damage
    • Range - 8 meter dash || 15 meter tendril radius
    • Miscellaneous - 7 damage ticks || 100% chance to cause a slash status || 6 second stun
  • If a tendril hits a sculpture, it will create its own tendrils.
  • Deals 7 ticks of true damage to the target’s health over 6 seconds. All enemies connected by a tendril receive slash damage equal to the tick.
  • The host will continue to damage the enemies it’s connected to, even if the true damage is more than what is needed to kill them. The host can be damage by outside sources.
  • Connected enemies’ damage duration scales inversely with duration.
  • Tendrils obey line-of-sight.
  • Lock-on dash like Atlas’, which slide-kicks an enemy off their feet and into the air 3-5 meters.
  • Enemies can be affected by multiple tendrils (from other host), but tendril’d enemies can’t be targeted for a seed.

  • 2) Fallen Mantle - Don the husk of an enemy, gaining their unique defensive abilities and a portion of their health.
    • Energy - 50
    • Duration - n/a
    • Strength - 15% of enemy health gained || 2.5x armor multiplier
    • Range - n/a
    • Miscellaneous - Only the health gained scales with the armor multiplier
  • Ability ends upon dropping below your original max health, or upon recast.
  • Grants things like eximus auras/resistances, ancient healer auras, nullifier bubbles, armor, shields etc… Not things like moa shockwaves or manic teleportation/invulnerability.
  • Aesthetically it looks like you’re wearing the husk, with moss/small flowers filling in the gaps.

  • 3) Auspicious Garden - Create a garden of sculptures, drawing enemy fire and converting their damage taken to healing pulses. If there are husk on the ground, the sculptures will prioritize inhabiting them, adding their health and defenses to themselves.
    • Energy - 50
    • Duration - 45 seconds
    • Strength - 1.5x damage to healing conversion || 3,500 base health || 5x armor multiplier
    • Range - 10 meter heal radius || 25 meter “grow” radius
    • Miscellaneous - 7 sculptures || both the base and added health scales with the armor multiplier || 50 meter “grow” radius cap
  • 100% of an enemy’s health is added to to sculpture if it inhabits a husk.
  • Sculptures will prioritize spreading out evenly, as well as prioritizing higher tier enemies. And sculpture “grow” radius can not exceed 50 meters.
  • Sculptures can be healed by Husk, but not by other sculptures.
  • Sculptures have a slightly higher threat level then tenno.
  • Number of active sculptures is tracked with the HUD buff indicator.
  • Sculptures do not move, but can emit things like auras and nullifier bubbles.

  • 4) Fungal Lace - Summon a familiar that converts nearby terrain into fungal-laced soil. Any fertilizer on these grounds are distributed to Ophia and her sculptures at reduced efficiency, as well as granting a speed buff. Enemies that enter fungal patches suffer damage and a random status effect.
    • Energy - 75
    • Duration - 45 seconds || 3 seconds between damage instances
    • Strength - 500 damage || 1.35x movement speed
    • Range - 22 meters
    • Miscellaneous - 35% fertilizer efficiency || 100% status chance
  • Fertilizer maintains the infinite stacking.
  • (Optional) Fertilizer distribution can also be changed to affect allies based on balance.
  • Enemies can only be damaged once every 3 seconds, scaling inversely with duration. And there is no cap to the number of enemies that can be damaged at a time.
  • Removes Foreboding Harvest’s need for LOS if the terrain between the 2 targets is now “dirt”.
  • Creates a mushroom familiar that follows you around like a sentinel and is immune to damage.
  • Enemies that die on fungal grounds transfer any status effect(s) from the ability to all other enemies on the grounds for 100% of the remaining duration. Note that this is only status effects from Fungal Grounds; not weapons, allies, or other abilities.
  • Visually it’s similar to the effect on Equinox’s Mend & Maim ability, but with a different overlay. And it’d be cool if small mushrooms and fungi started growing on enemies much like how the Peculiar Bloom mod works.
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