Warning about mayhem mode

If your on console and finish TVHM to open Mayhem in TVHM to play threw…what ever you set mayhem mode to and reset will be final until you complete the game again a third time…this is tedious and insane that you cannot change mayhem mode while in TVHM…it’s totally broken… …fix the game developers and tell us what your plans are as to when this will happen…I won’t be spending any more money on this game if it is not fixed…

Can you drop out of it if you pop in to your main menu and reset the difficulty to ‘easy’, go back in game, then repeat and go back to ‘normal’?

Not sure if I’m understanding you correctly but the personal difficulty setting is completely independent of mayhem mode.

Still a good idea though, it makes m3 significantly easier with no downsides, same xp drop rate etc, just faster clear/less damage taken.

I was just wondering if toggling it would trip mayhem mode off? Either way, it’s worth trying if a player is otherwise badly stuck.

PC I screwed up and picked mayhem 3 - was locked in till I made it back to sanctuary then I could change it on the ship

It’s been said that you can go into an easier difficulty, turn off mayhem mode in that difficulty then go back into tvhm.

This is a console specific issue, so if you don’t play on consoles then you won’t have this problem.

That makes a lot more sense.