Warning: Aurelia can Freeze RedBelly permanently

Or so it seems. I was playing with Anderson today, and we got to RedBelly. When we both activated our Action skills, they targeted RedBelly and froze him, at least I believe they did. Unfortunately, he continued to stay frozen. I have a video recorded, I just need to upload it

@joekgbx @Jeffybug (For the notification

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Too Scoops does this to enemies as well

Copy that @ThatOneGuy23. Will pass along to the team. Thx!

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@ThatOneGuy23- can you link the video when it’s uploaded. Just for my personal reference. Thx.

I started a little late, but here it is


Well…he was frozen…That’s what you wanted Aurelia(s), I’m I right? :smiley:

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Thank, dude. I’m curious- has anyone else run into this issue? Also, @ThatOneGuy23, have tried/been able to repro?

I haven’t played since that incident, but I might be playing with Anderson again tonight. Might try to recreate it then

Yea, let me know what you come up with if anything. Thanks, dude!

This just happened to me (PS3)! Was using a Hyperion cryo blaster and, with his health bar around 80% full, he froze, took zero additional damage so I had to quit and restart. It worked after that. It was a good opportunity to get up close to him (them?) and really examine him but strange. Is Aurelia just that good with freezing!

@CDR_Shepard- was it as in the video above? As in, no ice around him?

Yes, just like the video. Wasn’t in the same spot, though. Didn’t notice “ice around him” but I had blasted him with a cryo laser with Aurelia’s big boosts to cryo damage in my mod. Most frozen I’ve seen an enemy yet!

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It seems that RedBelly forgot how to RedBelly…

I hate to put a kink in the fact that it is only Aurelia that can do this. My 3 person coop did this way before Aurelia was even released. It looks like the same place but I can not be sure. It was on x360 and I have no video as proof, sorry. We restarted and we beat him with no issue.


Happened to me, too. But with Felicity.

I haven’t had it happen on RedBelly but I have had it happen on a few smaller enemies like Guardians and a few Scavs. It seems to mostly happen randomly with Bitter Riposte I noticed.

Edit: what I’m talking about isn’t quite like what happened with RedBelly in the video above where he just isn’t moving, I’m talking permanent Scavcicles completely covered in ice and they don’t unthaw. First time I seen this the Scav was in the air and it reminded me of the scene from “Mask” when he is told to freeze and freezes up in air.


Definitely had this happen before. Didn’t really matter though, he always dies within 5 seconds anyway so he wasn’t going to thaw out in the first place.

I’ve had it happen with Iwa,that or he flops over dead and doesn’t melt but you can walk through him and no XP

i’ve somehow frozen deadlift and felicity. felicity unfroze when i get her to half health, but deadlift stayed frozen. now i just want to figure out how to freeze RK5.

this is just a guess but I’m thinking that if you have him frozen and get him to the health whilst he’s still frozen he might get stuck? or has a chance to get stuck?

I’ve never had this occur myself but just saying maybe that’s a possibilty