Warning: Complex Root Working as Intended (Killing Moze)

I submitted a ticket to 2K and received this informative response. (Complex Root is working as intended and can/will kill Moze when used with specific skills and perks). Be careful :crazy_face:.

“Thank you for contacting us! I understand your concerns regarding the Complex Root and Area-of-Effect skills/gears boosting the Splash Damage’s size. However, this is not precisely a bug, but an intended feature: Torgue Cross-Promotion and gear that increases Splash radius directly affects the Complex Root’s effect, as this damage is counted as splash damage (FYI; please be careful with it as it may hurt teammates!)

You would be able to hit several enemies and boost splash damage with Moze’s abilities, however, Splash radius (if close enough) can affect you, the same as other Splash Damage weapons such as The Lob, The Scourge or The Kaoson.

Best regards,

Cristian S
2K Support”


Yea I took off skag den and put on a red card and was able to shoot the air and clear mobs. It’s kinda silly


It’s one thing for self-splash to kill Moze, we all know this…but it’s another thing when the CR kills you from a damn FOOTBALL ARENA away :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Interesting thought. Let me try something.

EDIT: Nevermind. I tried it with my slam dunk/Snowshoe build and it was blowing me up too quickly for the Snowshoe to keep up.

I’d like to know what the projectiles are doing. Shoot at long range and they appear to back track but then we have these sporadic chaff flashes between Moze and the point fired at.

I couldn’t figure it out, no matter how far the distance or positions change after fire, single shot was even inconsistent sometimes killing you.

I put it down to the red text might cause an explosion in Moze’s brain which fires off micros and there’s no hope for this weapon+my TP Juggernaught. I sold the weapon

They are “complex”

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Did you emphasise that it kills you from the other side if the map? This thing puts the nukem vastly to shame.

Its a really nice looking gun, big damage but we need an instruction manual to use it. Across the map, jump with the syringe, one shot, Moze landed and the Root flashed overhead and killed us. Ive spent 60 million dollars trying to figure a way Moze could use it. Lol I have 7 points on Torgue Promotion

Honestly, I’m glad this is the way it’s intended.

A Shock Complex Root, Mindsweeper, and the Transformer shield allow me to clear entire rooms while staying alive, while having Iron Bear to provide support fire, destroy bosses, tackle shock-resistant enemies, and to act as a panic button if ever death is imminent.


You’ll get more bang with blast master if using the Complex Root (vs Mindsweeper).

Thank you for discovering the way to survive this gun. I fetched a stop gap lol that was my solution and the Root bypasses the invulnerability gate.

Still using the Complex I found…with the invulnerability frames from mech deployment or shoot the weapon and run. For the most part, one clip spammed can proc FFYL+SW in quick succession several times - this gun is loose as

Yeah, given the comparisons there I’m not buying it. This thing kills me from multiple rooms away, while I’m hiding from my own attacks behind walls.

Honestly not sure I care enough about the weapon to respec to use it, but it is kind of hilarious.

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The gun is dangerous as hell for all VHs but Moze feels it the most as it’s harder (less optimal) for her to avoid taking splash damage bonuses. Speccing out of arms deal makes it usable on my Amara, though she does have 1 splash damage bonus on her class mod.

I’ve shelved it on Moze for now - it downs her and gets second winds so often my ffyl timer ends up at a millisecond lol.

I agree it should come with a risk as it’s possibly the most stupidly OP weapon I’ve seen since … well the last lot of stupidly OP weapons (so last dlc). However flying back at you from way across the map For no reason is just dumb.

I’ve made it work pretty well with no TCP and just +aoe on artifact. You still have to be careful with it but its definitely usable. Without TCP and without +aoe on artifact then you won’t be killing yourself at all.


Sames. I’ll be playing around with shields and damage resistances and artifacts to find something that works.

Yeah, I don’t get the whole splash damage argument. Splash damage by it’s nature is something close to the source. There doesn’t appear to be any distance away that you can’t kill yourself with that thing.

I’m sure it will be scaled down. Gotta remember, it’s OP weapons that get people talking. The crazier the weapon, the more chatter. The more chatter, the more publicity. They’ll ride the train for a few weeks and then scale it down when people stop talking about it.

Honestly, I don’t even like the gun. It doesn’t have the satisfying feeling of your shots connecting with your target with how it works and the side effect of killing yourself constantly is just bad.

I hear you. I have mixed feelings. When you do land a direct hit on an enemy, it’s satisfying. You get confirmation through controller rumble, and an immediate explosion. Where a non-direct hit has a delay. As long as you don’t equip TCP or AOE buffs, it’s actually an effective weapon against single enemies.

Yeah, I don’t get that on PC with a K/M. I can never tell if I’m hitting or not or hitting a weak spot or what enemies it’s hitting and while I’m trying to figure it out…I end up getting knocked into FFYL. A gun that regularly kills you when used properly is just not good IMO. lol.