Warning do not play with this gamer he hacks your account and delet's your saves


You know your username doesn’t help your point XD

  1. How could he hack your account?

  2. What did you do to piss him off?

Does that mean deleting all game saves or just the BL ones?

Any proofs? You cannot acuse someone without them . IMO , you should report him to microsoft , not to gearbox.

Did he admit to doing it or is it just a suspicion you have? What did he do, really? What did you do? What reason could he have to do that to you? How exactly could he do that to you? Do you have any proof that he was the culprit? I don’t know, your story smells kinda fishy, man… I’m starting to think that you either have a personal bone to pick with this player or something happened with your console that got your saves deleted and you put the blame on this guy because you had just played with him. Either way, you need to give us some more details here if you want us to believe you.

These sorts of threads don’t benefit anyone, really. While I dont like hackers whom hurt others, I’ve also never really agreed with blacklisting them for all to see either. There is always a chance this person didn’t cause what happened.