So, I’ve been watching TFTB proceed for a while, and it’s beautiful. This is a great way to set up BL3, and Fiona’s been confirmed to be a Vault Hunter in the latest episode. We also finally got to see Helios after BL2, and it looks really, really nice.

However, something utterly terrible happened that you should all be informed of, as Borderlands fans. It isn’t just important to Tales, but extends to the whole franchise, which is why I’m gonna post it here.

Rest in Peace, Scooter Hodunk.

In Episode 4, the gang have to head to Helios to get the very last piece of the Gortys robot in order to unlock the Vault of the Traveler. They enlisted Scooter and Janey’s help to build an amazing rocket to reach Helios, and let Scooter have the honor of being the mechanic.

But on the way, Scooter had a plan to fix the booster engines. He managed to pull most of it off…but his hand got stuck in the engine, and he was unable to get it out.

Scooter knew that the booster rocket was about to explode. So, he faced death with dignity and ordered Fiona, the girl he was crushing on, to eject the booster from the caravan-rocket, saving the rest of the crew, but Scooter was killed in the explosion.

As a dedication to his sacrifice, the crew ejected Scooter’s satellite into space, to mark the memory of the cheerful, hillybilly genius girl-obsessed mechanic who gave his life so they could complete their mission.

I actually cried after he rode off on the doomed rocket. I didn’t expect his death to have such an impact, but that’s how it went.

He deserved better, I know, and worse, it’s canon too. But he went out with a smile and as a hero, and (if you take the option) getting kissed by his crush.

Thank you, Scooter, for all the cars, the sidequests, the hilarious quips, saving Sanctuary from Jack and most of all, being an extremely nice, if dim-witted, Pandoran. You caught your ride, and now you’re sailing off to the ultimate garage, to make exploding death machines for the angels.

I’ll miss him.

At least it is not one of the previous VH’s xD
Does he ever got a GF?

bump that, scooter’s the best.

Well, crap. Not as cynical as the last ride of Slim Pickens in Doctor Strangelove but far more emotional- guess this means Ellie will be taking over the Catch a Ride network?

Ya know, I was trying to avoid spoilers, but your damn title gave it away.

Title edited.


No, but you can kiss him, and it makes his day.

Just finished the episode myself. While I do see an explosion; my years of experience with video games and comics tell me nobody is dead until you see a body, and even then…

*cuts off hand and jumps away, digistructing a Monster truck in the stratosphere.

When I saw Scooter in TFTB for the first time, I knew something is coming. The change from Scooter we know from BL2 to a “super-nice guy, just not… gifted… in every aspect” was too drastic.

They want us to remember this “new” Scooter, I guess.

That was kind of the way Scooter was in BL1, especially in the Knoxx dlc. The scooter in BL2 was a character of Burch’s invention, and a rather irritating one at that. If this is how they want us to remember Scooter, I’m all for it.

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Yup, pretty much.

i liked bl2’s better than the first and tftb’s

Are you kidding me? The death of characters in TFTB are canon to the main games?
I hope not, I hope it’s just a spin-off story that won’t have any impact on the actual shoot and loot games.

its absolutely canon.

Well that just plain sucks, I don’t like the gameplay of these tell tale games and to not only be out on exclusive gear(which I’m ok with) but when BL3 comes around and 10+ characters are gone without explanation than that’s just plain bad.

…one. albeit one of the best.

I like TFTB as much as anyone but it irritates me that they killed Scooter off when they could have killed Janey Springs instead. Not because I like Scooter more than Janey but because Janey has an emotional attachment with Athena and it would instantly have given Athena more back story. They would have the makings of a really juicy script for Athena in BL3. Also, I just hate the idea of VHs having a happy domestic life. They are all renegades from their past, haunted by their personal demons.

everyone is haunted by their demons. its all in how you choose to coexist. and maybe mike was tired of voicing scooter. maybe its integral to bl3 that he be dead. maybe thats what makes moxxi reinstate the bosom brigade for the war. (fingers crossed)