Warren the Undertaker - The NEW Class Idea

I made this post a while ago, I figured I’d dredge it up from the old forums and get some new eyes on it.

Warren the Undertaker

Class: Undertaker

Biography: Very little, if anything at all, is known for sure about Warren. Even his name was a mystery until a bounty showed up for his head. It simply read “Wanted: Warren the Undertaker,” with a clear depiction of his disarming visage printed in the middle of the page. His crimes? Exhuming the corpses of valuable Hyperion personnel. The reward? 1,000,000 dollars. 1,000 dollars for each body he’d taken.

Warren is a silent protagonist. When he does speak, it’s short, quick, and always catches a listener by surprise, like if someone had just sneezed out of nowhere. He uses his unique abilities, abilities no one on Pandora has ever seen before, to literally turn the tide of psychos, bandits, and even robots on themselves. What he leaves in his wake is generally described as a massacre, but his wake isn’t what’s important. It’s who’s standing in front of him when he decides to use the once living monsters that are dead behind him to tear you to pieces.

No one is quite sure how Warren does what he does. Some speculate that he must be using some form of Siren ability. Still others claim he must be utilizing some unheard of form of Digistruction technology. They are only partially right. No one really knows the full story.

Appearance: Warren appears as a thin, almost skeletal figure wearing a black western style duster, with a wide brimmed black hat. A mask not unlike a Ninja’s covers the entirety of his face, except for his left eye, which appears to be replaced by a glowing red glass orb, very similar to Hyperion’s constructors. When he activates his Action Skill, the eye glows bright blue for the entire duration and a blue sheen shimmers across his trench coat.

Action Skill: Grave Digger

When Warren activates Grave Digger, Warren is able to raise the fallen bodies of his enemies to fight for him and his fellow Vault Hunters. When using this ability Warren may raise up to two dead bodies of any flesh creature that has left a corpse in the area. These corpses rise with their weaponry and natural attacks. They are under control of Warren and will fight anything close by. Warren can “aim” his zombies by using the Action Skill key again while targeting an enemy and they will be redirected to focus fire/attack on that particular enemy.

Range: Somewhat close. You can target corpses a little ways away and raise them, like in the middle of the next bandit camp as a distraction. Not sniper rifle far, but not shotgun close, either.

Duration: 25 seconds if two enemies are raised, 60 seconds if one enemy is raised

Cool Down: 60 seconds

Initial Limits: Only enemies a maximum of 2 levels above Warren can be raised. Raging Goliaths cannot be raised, and raised Goliaths cannot have their helmets knocked off (or similar creatures with this ability). Initially, this skill cannot be used to raise machines, badasses, and can never be used to raise bosses. Until the skill is upgraded, enemies will not return with their shields intact. Enemies are limited to single shot attacks every few seconds even if they have rapid fire weaponry or attacks (one gunshot, one gunshot, one claw, one claw). Initially, raised enemies cannot make critical hits. Raised enemies must be enemies Warren himself has landed the kill shot on.

Note: I only have two solid/defined skill trees. The third is up in the air at this point.

Skill Trees:

Pale Horseman

This tree is all about augmenting Warren’s summons to make them, and himself, truly badass in the process.

Tier 1
Unhallow: Your zombies have +5% health per point, and Warren has +1% health per point.

Life Tap: When you damage an enemy, your zombies regenerate health. Every point into this skill gives zombies health regeneration by +1% but increases Warren’s shield recharge delay +5%

Tier 2
The Hunger: Massively improves damage dealt by zombies against targets with low health. +50% weapon damage/melee damage per point.

Reap What You Sow: When you kill an enemy with any element and raise that enemy afterwards, the enemy returns imbued with that element in its ranged and melee attacks. In addition, the zombie is resistant to that element type.

Tier 3
Join Us: The first attack each zombie deals receives bonus damage by +10% per point in this skill.

Arise (Gamechanger): Warren may now raise up to 4 zombies, independently of each other. Each zombie has its own cooldown, health bar, and duration. In addition, Warren may now raise enemies killed by his teammates or other creatures.

Dead Shot: Zombies can now make critical hits. Increases bullet damage and critical hit damage with all guns/natural attacks for Warren AND his zombies. Critical hit damage +3%, bullet/natural attack damage +3%

Tier 4
I Live Again: For each enemy a zombie kills, increase the duration of ALL zombies by 2 seconds. Also grants Warren an additional +10% to gun damage.

Tier 5
Warren’s Monster (Frankenstein’s Monster): Melee Override Skill. Warren loses his ability to make any melee attacks, but instead gains the ability to bind the soul of a dead corpse human into a mechanical contraption. The Monster looks similar to a Hyperion Loader mixed with half of a mutilated Psycho/Bandit. The contraption deals no melee damage and only has a small amount of health points. One may only be active at a time. It has no duration and lasts until it is destroyed, and cannot be targeted/redirected on certain enemies like zombies can. Instead, Warren’s Monster follows Warren around, protecting him when anything gets too close by knocking them back a small distance or absorbing bullet damage for him. While Warren is close to Monster, he gains faster shield recharge by +15% and +15% shield capacity. In addition, Warren’s Monster flings leaking grease and oil fluid which can be set on fire with a fire weapon, creating pools of fire. The Monster can fling oil on enemies to make them easier to ignite. These pools of fire do not damage Warren or his allies.

Tier 6
Death Itself: Warren can now raise up to 6 zombies, and loses his level restriction. Warren can now also raise machines and badasses. All zombies are restored with full ability, Goliaths that were killed when raging can be raised and now continue to level up. When raising piloted machines such as Buzzards, they count as 1 zombie, the zombified machine is raised with its zombie pilot. All creatures with shields upon death are raised with full shields.

Restriction on Death Itself: Bosses, scripted bosses and raid bosses (Warrior, Destroyer of Worlds) and large bosses (like Warrior or Skagzilla). An enemy like Handsome Jack, Wilhelm, etc. would not be able to be raised.

This next skill tree requires a lot of percentages. I freely admit I am terrible with these. Help is welcomed.


This tree is about changing the way Warren plays, and how his summons affect the battlefield by using a mechanic called “Plague”

Tier 1
Plague: Warren now has access to a new “element,” Plague. He automatically applies plague to any non-elemental weapon he is carrying, and gains a stack of Plague for each successful hit he makes with a plagued weapon. Plague weakens enemies by dealing damage over time, every 6 seconds. Each point increases the damage over time and duration of Warren’s plague by 1% duration, and .02% gun damage. Plague stack cap: 100.

Flatlining: After receiving enough damage to enter Fight For Your Life mode, your zombies will automatically target the enemy that caused you to enter Fight For Your Life. In addition, you and your zombies receive increased fire rate by 5% per point, or increased melee damage by 5% per point if the zombie has no gun. When Fight For Your Life ends, this fire rate/damage rate is decreased.

Tier 2
Contagion: Your zombies now spread plague as if they had the same number of Plague stacks as Warren.

Spores: When Warren is hit by any gun damage or melee damage, he has a percent chance to release half his Plague stacks for 10% more than the plague stacks total percentage were worth to the target.

Tier 3
Viral: Each successful Plagued shot gives you bonus damage with the plagued weapon for a short time, increasing the base plague damage over time the stacks cause. Not sure what percent here. Thinking 1-3%.

This is complicated, I feel. Let me explain.
(For instance, if the weapon had a base damage of 500, the plague damage from one stack (.02%) would equal 10 damage over time every 6 seconds. But now with Viral, the base weapon damage gets higher and higher with each successful shot, making each plague stack worth more damage over time.)

Purge: All plagued targets emit green, noxious gas that makes them clear targets to zombies and allies. Attacks against plagued targets deal bonus weapon damage (4%?) and plagued targets are now easier to hit, granting YOUR weapon bonus accuracy (3%?) against them.

Pea Soup: All plagued targets have a 15% chance per point to stop what they are doing and violently throw up. Can only happen once to the same plagued target. (similar to a very quick and miniature phase lock).

Tier 4
Corpse Explosion: When raising a zombie, you can choose to make it explode. It explodes before animating, dealing fire and explosive damage and spreading Plague in all directions, with a high percent chance of applying plague to nearby targets. Zombies raised in this way have severely decreased duration, 50% less. If an enemy is killed by Corpse Explosion, their corpse also explodes but does not raise as a zombie, however it also spreads Plague in all directions, this effect has diminishing returns.

Tier 5
Chill of the Grave: Damage with cryo weapons is increased (7%?). Also, the chance to freeze enemies that are plagued is MASSIVELY increased, effectively locking them in frozen place to continually take plague damage over time. Enemies nearby frozen enemies that are plagued also have a high chance of automatically acquiring the plague.

Tier 6
PANDEMIC (Nova): Warren emits plague in a constant floating nova around him at all times. Plague now weakens enemy’s shields and gun damage by a significant percentage. Enemies afflicted by plague are slowed. All elemental weapons now also spread plague.

Maximum plague stacks are increased from 100 to 400. All zombies that Warren controls have a greatly increased chance to spread plague, and zombies that spread plague successfully gain 1% damage and 1% health each time they spread plague in this manner, in addition, Warren may select one zombie. This zombie also emits a plague nova like Warren.

Any allies/Vault Hunters in the area of Warren’s Pandemic Nova or Warren’s Zombie’s Pandemic Nova gain increased movement speed of +5% and increased regeneration of 5%, and keep these bonuses for up to 4 seconds upon leaving the Nova. They also gain a percent chance to spread Warren’s plague while in the Nova radius, however, the enemies affected by Warren’s allies Plague only receive a small percentage of Warren’s total stacks of Plague in this manner (5-10% of the total stacks).

Third Skill Tree

Up to interpretation.

I believe the first and second trees need refinement before a third is created. It should probably be a totally different tree, that buffs Warren’s shields and guns. I’m thinking increased damage against enemies close to death, stronger Zombies based upon how much damage was done to them to kill them, etc.
(not sure what tier)

Shallow Grave: Zombies that were killed with massive damage return and deal the overkill damage to an enemy.

Corpse Flesh: Warren’s shield capacity is increased by 7% per skill point.

Cannibalism: A successful critical hit causes a percent chance for the enemy to lose his mind for a short time, turning on an ally and attempting to eat him alive.

Grab the Soul: Melee Override: Warren takes the soul of a dead corpse and jumps forward towards an enemy, dealing the corpses main attack plus a percentage of extra damage in the hit.

Anti-Necromancy/Lifermancy: Your Zombies can now revive fallen comrades, including you.

Start Game:
deep, hollow breath
Time to make corpses.
something like a zombie moan
I need new flesh.
There’s too many heartbeats here.

Action Skill (only time Warren really “talks” with almost Psycho like tenacity)
Did I say you could die?
Welcome back to the land of living!
You wish for death? Then face it!
This should be fun.
Puppets on my strings.
Ashes to Ashes. We all. Stand. Up.
You know Guns can kill. Let’s see what I can do.

Fight For Your Life:
Not again…
I’ve been here before…
horrible gasping, choking
Why now… Why do I remember this now…
I’m coming back for you.
I don’t know why I fight for “life”
It feels like something is standing on my grave.

Second Wind: (mostly said with rage)
You’re mine now.
some kind of odd munching/eating sound/smacking lips

Being Revived:
Don’t touch me.
Is this what friendship feels like?
Your hands aren’t cold at all.
Perhaps there’s a reason for life after all.
gasping, almost painful sound

Reviving Someone:
You’re lucky I need you alive.
You’re the only one I can’t use dead.
grumbling Very few are more useful alive.

Uh… this is over a year old, but it’s a great idea. Some of the stuff needs to be nerfed, but it’s a great idea! He should wear a plague doctor outfit, (just an idea…) And… yeah. I have more ideas that i’d love to talk about… Please respond!

Hi there!

I’m pretty shocked you replied to this, or even found it, haha. I was never really getting much traction with the idea. Despite the fact Borderlands has an entire addon based around zombies, there’s no real mention of them or necromancy in the series and I feel like in a weird west styled game like Borderlands, not having an Undertaker is strange. That, and, Borderlands has never had a proper pet/summons class, beyond the basics in Mordecai and Gaige.

I have since created a more unique character class that would fit Borderlands as well, but I’m not really ready to post about it.

I totally agree with no summoner yet. This would be a GREAT mod! I’ll be back on tommorow to talk about ideas?

Sounds like a necro summoner from diablo 2. Im digging the idea.

Pug, I’ve actually already discussed the idea with the few remaining prominent Borderlands modders, and they have unfortunately unanimously agreed the kind of class here would be impossible with Borderlands 1. And 2 and Pre-Sequel can’t be modded, so :frowning:

My intent was to create some kind of Necromancer homage, yeah, because I really feel like that class was perfect in Diablo 2.

I know, I just think if you could, that’d be awesome.