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A lot to respond to…I just want to address a few things for everybody first:

  1. This guide is a foundation for Moze players whose goal is TVHM/M3… which means I’m excluding off-brand builds and weird setups that justify the rating of a perk…if I do reference a build (i.e. 1 HP bloodletter builds for SoR), its the general consensus that these are the best for that tree, and already support what you’re trying to do.

  2. Ratings (stars) are based on other established Borderlands guides…I didn’t make the system…barring any mistakes on my part, the opinion on them doesn’t change. (i.e. Matched Set is two stars because it has to be built around to work…period)

  3. I’m noticing a lot of theory crafting going on…please test these perks/builds first to see if they actually work in TVHM/M3 (bosses & mobs)…I’ve personally tested most aspects of Moze, so I only talk about what works, not what MIGHT work.

  4. If I’m putting emphasis on 1 HP builds, bloodletters, etc, it’s because they fit the goal of SoR as a whole…you can run anything you want, but like I said, this is a foundational guide…1 HP and bloodletter-based builds are what most aim for when they go down this tree.

You cant tell if something is multiplicative based on it being the only boost you have…You need some other boost to tell.
Shooting a ratch with a fire gun with 322 card damage and 10.65 damage from guardian rank gives 635 dmg.
3 points in Stoke gives 826 (635 * 1.3 = 825.5, game rounds numbers = 826)
COM with +25 percent weapon damage does NOT give 984 (635 *(1+.3+.25)) but 1032
((635 * 1.25)*1.3=1031.875). Which is how multiplicative boosts work.

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