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good one. just a little formatting is needed. maybe you can ask for the template used on amara

that is the same template used in Borderlands 2 top gears.


how do you get to 1 hp without the deathless?


Front loader and Red line still bring my health to 1 HP…just without Ward Shield…

And thanks, I wanted to make it all pretty but didn’t know how.

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i see. you just ask them for the template and just credit them in your guide…

I love seeing these pop up, nothing to add as of yet but I saw you asked about templates so I thought I would share this


I’ve been playing around with a green/red tree build for the increased incendiary damage, survivability and sustainability, and although its not the meta build right now, the Krakatoa (Sniper Rifle) seems to shred bosses like Graveward with its incendiary shots on M3.

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The red suit is a very nice shield for flakker builds. Normally you have to exercise some restraint with the weapon or you’ll blow yourself up, but with a radiation flakker and radiation immunity you can go crazy with it.

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Thank you :ok_hand:…makes the guide a little less dry


beautiful guide. :+1:

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im playing only with moze and when i go to thvm mayhem 3 i dont do dmg with any other weapon rather than the flakker

Nice list! But I have a lot of additions and will post them when I get home from work.


Best part about using a Maggie/Masher combined with Short Fuse is the amount of times it crashes the game.

Great PC Optimization Gearbox :+1:

With a Frontloader shield or a class mod that boosts Thin Red Line

A few suggestions:
COV Pistols and ARs are GREAT with Bottomless Mags and at least deserve honorable mentions. You should never run out of ammo.

Star Helix and Faisor are both pretty solid backup ARs if you can’t find a Call or Shreddifier.

Rerouter Shield + Deathless is crazy strong from what I hear (still looking for my own rerouter to test it though)

Lastly, Scourge is a must have for farming Graveward.

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Ruby’s Wrath is particularly good at proccing Means of Destruction due to the 7 rockets for 1 ammo (with a good magazine size), if you want to mob with a launcher and not need to reload.

Nagata (honorable mention, maybe) is reasonable against bosses the Hex won’t lock on to. Eight nades is a good amount of Vampyr procs/chances at Means of Destruction. It definitely isn’t as potent as a Hex or Stormfront, but it’s quite solid and provides far less visual clutter. I enjoy using it when I play with a friend and don’t want to make him afk while I Hex/Hive the entire area.

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Here my additions:

Top Gear


The already high gun damage on Moze gets multiplied by an insane crit damage multiplier. With this gun you can one-shot most enemies including badasses and anointed enemies on TVHM Mayhem 3. Also the ricoshet can insta-kill another enemy when you have “Overkill” in Guardian ranks unlocked.


Ignore the low damage and firerate on the item card. These alien barrel assault rifles work like the laser weapons in TPS. The damage increases when you hold down the trigger and a Bottomless Mags Moze can do this indefinitly. The Blister (Torgue) is more like a flamethrower and the easiest to maintain ammo. The Mngwa (Dahl) and Burzum (Vladof) fire a beam that is easier to use for hitting crit spots but the ammo consumption is higher. They can really melt enemies, come in all elements and they don’t trigger bullet reflect - so very good if you roll a reflect Mayhem modifier.


These alien barrel shotguns shoot big elemental splash damage projectiles with high damage over time. The Protuberance (Torgue) explodes on impact and drops 3 grenade like projectiles. The Host (Hyperian) bounces of the ground leaving a explosion on each bounce. They can come in all elements and especially the shock version can be very good as in combination with the Transformer shield you can refill your shields while hitting the enemy.

If you play offline these are even more overpowered as they were nerfed in the first hotfix - without the nerfs these weapons can do up to 10k base damage on hit and 20k damage per second before any damage multipliers!

Super Shredifier

Normal Shredifier only comes with grenade launcher or bipod, but Super Shredifier can fire two barrels at the same time as alternate firemode.

Honorable Mention

Breath of the Dying

Good assault rifle. Always corrosive and kills make enemies explode in a “poison nova” dealing splash damage. Great weapon in combination with Flesh Melter artifact.


Torgue shotgun that shoots high damage grenades. Its like a smaller version of the Flakker.


High damage alien barrel maliwan pistol. No delay and projectiles stick and then explode.


High damage alien barrel rocket launcher. Does good damage.


Alien barrel SMGs that shoot splash damage projectiles. Can be good depending on the build.

The Dictator

Shoots 3 bullets in a horizantal row or 7 bullets with alternate firemode. The double version shoots 14 bullets in alternate firemode. Although most of the time not really useful it can be devastating if you can go in point-blank range and all 14 projectiles hit the target. Try this on Graveward when his crit spot is in your face :wink:

Star Helix

Fires 3 bullets in a horizontal oscilating path. Can be really good if you have the right distance. With this weapon you can also hit hard to reach crit spot like on Captain Traunt by shooting “around” him.


Solid assault rifle with good mag size, the 30% chance for no ammo cost helps bottomless mags Moze to keep firing it even longer.


A basic high damage sniper. Can be useful depending on the situation.


Soo…a few of these are good…but most are outclassed by the weapons I already posted…I also want this guide to be simple and quick to get through…if I put all of these weapons, it’d be too much…thank you for the suggestions tho…I really like some of these.

COV Pistols - Done

I put the Faisor up, but the Star Helix has too weird a firing pattern that can limit it’s deadliness.

I forgot about the Re-router…it’s up now.

As far as Scourge is concerned, there are better and more efficient ways to kill Graveward (ie. Fire Lyuda + Elemental Projector…or Quckie sticks into critical weapon). That and being effective against ONE boss doesn’t qualify the weapon to be top gear.

Thank you for the suggestions.

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It’s all in the modifiers, which change every time you travel…having a wide variety of weapons and elements to choose from mitigates the nerfs.

Very frail shield…while your immune to radiation, you’ll die to everything else really fast. Best way to shoot flakker is to back up as you fire anyways