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I’ll add that bit about the Ruby’s Wrath, thank you.

I’m testing the Nagata now actually…threw it a few times and didn’t like it, but maybe I didn’t give it a chance…

I’m half way down the red and blue tree and use he 1st perk and the one under it in the green tree.

It’s a fire with extra splash perks and such.

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Great to see this coming along.

A few comments on what’s there:

  • I reckon you’re being a bit too liberal about lumping items together.
    1. The Duc and Masher are both great guns but for different reasons. One because of raw damage the other because of the explosive red text effect.
    2. The Cutsman and Long Musket: The Cutsman is useful for slow large targets and really clumped groups, the long musket is pretty a limited range weapon and only really shines in mobbing situations.
  • Ice Breaker and Grenadier: Should this entry not be just Ice Breaker and you give a special mention to the grenade damage as a good stat roll.
  • I’d argue the Loaded Dice doesn’t belong on this list. Wearing the loaded dice doesn’t make Moze more deadly in any way and it reduces her survivability. This isn’t what someone is looking for when chasing top gear for a character. At best it can maybe get an addendum that says Moze has the means to survive inspite of it and can be considered for farming runs.
  • Lastly the real nitpick but should screenshots of guns not get their default skins for consistency?

I highly recommend the quasar for at least an honourable mention among grenades. It has the same tick based damage that Vampyr loves and can group up enemies to allow Moze to kill quickly and also get the most out of Jakobs ricochets or AOE damage.

I also highly recommend the Marksmen Com as an honourable mention as variants with +4 Scorching RPM’s and +1 Redistribution give it the capability to put out great amounts of DPS. I’d primarily class it as a bossing COM as it doesn’t offer protection.


The Duc/Masher have the same play style of typical Jakob’s pistols, so I group them up to save space…I stated the difference of splash vs dmg in the description.

They are good SMGs, but for they’re just not the best for Moze’s playstyle (splash or bottomless builds)…I included them because they’re just too good to leave out…I COULD be more specific on what these guns can do though…It’ll get fixed.

Yea I should give relic rolls/effects their own mention instead of grouping them…just found a list of all effects so now I can state which ones are good on Moze

Looting is a huge part of Borderlands, so while Loaded Dice is not “powerful” per se, it’s just as important for getting the gear to MAKE you powerful…it’s just an option, when people read it, they’ll know if they want it or not.

Nope lol…Nebula skins all day every day! Besides when folks farm this stuff, they don’t much care what they look like, just that they work…they can make them whatever color they want afterwards.

Singularity range is small, they don’t work on bigger targets like they did in BL2, and they just end up rag-dolling enemies, sometimes making it HARDER to hit them.

I’m definitely gonna put this COM up, along with some other good ones.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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It really sucks that there’s no Legendar COM for the Bottomless Mags/Shield of Retribution tree. Every Legendary except for one is focused on some Demolition Woman skills with one focused on SoR only.

I’m using the Legendary Marksman one myself… as Prismatic_Me said, it’s great for the sheer crit damage, fire rate and ammo regen. Rowan’s Call is a beast with it.

Typo in your heading.

I’m not arguing for either to be left out. Just that they play to different strengths and weaknesses and therefore in my view deserve separate entries. Unlike the Vladof AR’s which have very similar strengths and are nearly interchangeable.

Probably worth mentioning that it’s a key component of Tommy1984’s Immortal Moze.

For the Sniper section, The Monocle is probably worth exploring as it gets a great crit bonus that synergizes really well with all Moze’s base damage. That said Moze doesn’t really get much from Snipers that I could also see an argument that the Lyuda should be the only entry listed with maybe a footnote that Purple Vladofs are great with bottomless mags.

Boom Sickle, the splash kinetic variant of the Sickle is amazing on Moze, 10 splash projectiles. Will add a picture in a sec.

There might be better splash shotguns, but this one is an assault rifle.
If you like having lots of pellets & you happen to get a - shotgun mayhem modifier,
this is a great choice.

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I need that gun!

Never fired it before but it looks strong

you on pc?

I am

Just want to make another argument in favor of the Scourge, at least as an Honorable Mention. It functions very similar to the Hive but comes in more elements (I am not sure if it can be ANY element, but I have a shock one that is great for shield stripping or vs. guardians).

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Possibly enough grenades but I’ll throw out the “Whispering Ice” - awesome Cryo grenade with initial explosion plus proximity mines with more explosions. Procs MoD super often and is good against fleshies and Armor.

Also a mission reward and can come with singularity and I assume other additional effects on the card. Added bonus is it frequently scares the crap out of me when I run into a pile of proxies just as they go off.


Not sure if this is worth mentioning, but the Westergun (farmable from Private Beans on Athenas) is a nice SMG with dual element, splash damage and no recharge time:

Probably not Top Gear, but if your build is centered around splash damage this could be a good option. At least its better than the Hellfire :wink:

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You know what? I was dead-wrong about the Scourge :thinking:

When people bring up Scourge, they ONLY talk about killing Graveward with it…but after testing it in some TVHM/M3 games, this might be better than the Hive!

Im putting this in Top gear for sure…thank you for the suggestion.

Yea i need more splash SMGs and i completely missed this…

Thanx, gonna farm and test :v:

Why no mention of Vladof Rocket Salvo Heavies? None of you guys tried em? Like, wtf the Jericho is on the list, it doesn’t even compare to an epic fire, rad or corrosive Vladof Strak with Mortar or Rocket Salvo alt. Jericho is super situational with only 1k ish damage per shell, an epic Strack is up to 4- 5k damage, 6 - 7k per mortar, shoots 5x per click, better damage containment, near unlimited use on Moze.

A Vladof on Rocket Salvo mode is like a super torgue assault rifle on Moze’s hands, 4k damage per rocket, shoots 2 rockets per click, unlimited use when burst fired, erases badasses like they’re nothing.

Also, but kinda suicidal, the Vladof Big Boy rocket alt hits for 20k per rocket, can also be used near unlimited with Moze if you get lucky ammo regen from grenade or 5 seconds after exiting bear. A little overkill and will probably kill you too.

I got one that’s Cryo and Corrosive that I keep equipped. Works pretty well. I wonder if it works with Fire in the Skag Den.

This is the best shield for an Iron Bear build. As far as I can tell there is no other shield that gives this big of a Health boost. Rough Ridger (35%) & Band of Sitorak (25%) get honorable mention. This specific anointment on this specific shield can give Iron Bear over 100k Armor.

Told you, Scourge literally wrecks and it’s also very safe to use because it does little damage point blank, but when it splits after short distance - oboy.

With MoD you can spam it a lot and the small rockets are homing, so I usually just shoot it into distance somewhere between the bunch of targets so the homing rockets hit everything. Alternatively - shoot it at medium/long distance at one thing and it will explode.

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The Magnificent seems also to be a good weapon on Bottomless Mags Moze:

With ammo regen you can fire a lot of bullets, the magazine is big enough to keep up the anointed bonus for a long time and its also easy the keep it in a sweet spot for the skill “Click, Click”. My version has “second barrel” as alternate firemode, giving it +25% more firerate. And the amount of bullets you can dish out, synergizes with the guardian rank perk “C-C-Combo”.